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Really do. When I look at this region, other opportunities, yeah, there are opportunities for upsets, but I look at this and I say Arizona's got a pretty good path. I think their biggest challenge is potentially could be Illinois. Obviously, the mountain mass gradient is a man known as Kofi coburn, Tennessee, the SEC champions who maybe get up and underneath them. But when I look at this bracket and obviously Villanova who just wears you down with their toughness in their culture, what your guys take on to bracket. Well, I think Arizona has got a very good path at the top of the bracket. And that's really what you have to worry about initially. So if they beat the winner of right state and Bryant and Bryant has the nation's leading Sequoia and Peter kiss, who Bill we're after he would have loved. The kiss kiss with the kiss. And then they would, if they advance there, which I expect them to advance, they get the winner of seat and hall TCU and as well as TCU has played. I like seton hall. I think seton hall's got a great chance to win that game. But Arizona's better. And they can play at different tempos. They're better defensively. I think the Houston UAB game is interesting with jelly walker, scoring so many points and being so dynamic and unafraid against a Houston team that has dealt with injuries, but they're big and they're good defensively. But the bottom of the bracket is a black and blue region. Because there are so many so many teams that can play really good defense and they can be physical. I think the upset in that the bottom half of the bracket is loyal to Chicago, Ohio State. Ohio State's better, but better doesn't always win against loyal Chicago because they're so hard nosed and so good defensively and so I favor loyal to Chicago to win that game. Yeah, they upset I see you there and it's not really an upset because it's Michigan, Colorado state. David roddy and Isaiah Stevens are two terrific players. Stevens, a terrific guard that can do so much off to dribble, David ride is 6 5 6 6, 255 pound undersized power forward that can do just about everything out there on the floor. But hunter Dickinson is hard to guard to deal with and guard. They have no one who can match up with him. And with him starting to make that little 15 foot jump shot from the foul line makes it difficult to match up for them. Yeah, I'm all over the 6 11s. I have every 6 11. I got the 11 when it all four of them. And I think Michigan is one of those. I think that Caleb used some starting to play a little bit better than take better care of the basketball. Just in talking to coaches in the mountain west and say the one thing about cholera state is a struggle with real size and let's face it. Dickinson is real size. Disagree a little bit, you know, just with Loyola Houston, I think he's a toss up. Alkyl random to me, if he can embrace his first NCAA tournament, maybe his only NCAA tournament, obviously we know how good EJ Liddell is their guards just got to show up..

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