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Overheard on Donna and Steve you know this you guys are my buddies but I gotta go I got a leave there's a shoot that I've been asked to go to I push bag on the time this was the latest that I could get which is why I called you a flat lever what is that mean it means you're leaving us flat I'll slash your physical tires in the parking lot and you know what it means to be a live he is with the old have you read the news that Donna and nine to noon on my tongue one of seven one everything entertainment Hey guys Bradley here for my good friends at little blind spot you know the little blind spot promise is a real thing little points but has been in our community making beautiful window coverings with the help of a fabulous products from hunter Douglas for decades have a gorgeous show room in downtown Hopkinton and that little blind spot promise what it means is that from start to finish I mean from the point you have that no obligation consultation whatever questions you have with whatever style you're looking for they're gonna make sure to get you all the answers that you need so that you feel comfortable having little blind spot in your home and then the installation process itself that entire process we could not be easier and more efficient Jamie I had that experience first hand also if you have any problems after your window coverings have been installed all you have to do is pick up the phone you're not calling some creepy giant corporation another in another.

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