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Other Democrats from their own nursing home scandals. Then we're good, so they want to get rid of Cuomo under the umbrella of sexual harassment. He's a pig. Let's get him out. And then they're hoping that people would just kind of stopped talking about the nursing home scandals. And there's an incredible story. Michigan lawmaker Tying to you Subpoena toe learn Whitmer secrets about covert nursing home deaths. I'm going to read this to you guys in the next segment. They're hiding something as well. They're almost going exactly what the same playbook as Cuomo and They just keep telling people owning a trust us with the numbers. You don't need to see the numbers. The FOIA request everything. They're being completely all these reporters are being completely stonewalled. All. Thank you so much. All right, guys. So this is from this New York magazine article. Some of these texts from Melissa Derosa. Are unbelievable. I'm going to save it for the other side because I want to get the guy's name who she's going back and forth with, But oh my gosh, This woman is like Cuomo Jr. She's she's talking tough if I got a text like this From someone I worked with or someone who was like my superior. I'm screenshot ng that almost immediately and calling up a lawyer and saying all we got a case This is bullying in the workplace. She is And you know what you're I said it were Joe Borelli on I said, What is the deal with this? Melissa Derosa? Because her name keeps coming up, over and over and over again, and there's a reason and guess what, Guys? I have the text message students, we now know the reason. Today's poll question is brought to you by the even pure thunderstorm. Air purifier The repack just for our listeners Save $200 on the three pack to order Go to Eton, pure dot com Putting code word Grace. Three. Jared, What is the poll question and what are the results thus far? Do you want to get rid of daylight saving time? Yeah, This is one of those poll questions, which is rare where I don't feel Really strongly one way or the other. I never knew it was an option. Like growing up. I just thought That we had to do this. So it's weird to me that we can shift time. But if we can, and we can shift it so that we get more sunlight. I'm all for it. 42% of the audience says no 58% says Yes, Jerry, can I ask you something, and you might not know the answer to this. But what is the argument for keeping it like the people who are pro daylight savings time? What is their argument? I honestly don't know. I think it's just the standard tradition. I mean, farmers apparently like it. So if you got a farm, I get it. But I'd like to hear from those farmers. I want to know. I want to know I want to see both sides here..

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