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On Bill Doyle and I'm Jess Tyminski Way have a couple of news items. We would like Tonto dive a little bit deeper into then been Patrick happen anytime now. I'll read these regardless. That the kind of news items that I feel Having Kylie listen to I'm not sure that she's willing to do that. But if she happens to be nearby hearing this It would be awesome. Oh, there she is. Oh, you could just ask me. Hey, Hey, Kylie. I was trying to through the window, but you didn't understand what I was trying to say. Not at all. I was in here for like, 10 minutes beforehand. Why didn't you just say some things? I didn't think of it then. And you know why? Because I was in the last few seconds before we came on. I was reading ah, deeper into the details. The devil is in the details. Man. These are pretty grim. Oh, no. Okay, Well, we'll start. We'll start your life, okay? And May I say, I hope everybody's okay in all these situations, all right? You don't have a snow blower. Kylie. Yeah, yeah. Did you ever operated? No, I don't trust myself with that. Do you Okay? And why? Cause it looks big and confusing. Big interview. You're describing me, right? No, but you could you could damage your limbs if you stick your hand too far in there, right? What? You know that? Their blades. Well, it's something like a blade I would refer to. It is a spinning with all that. I think they call it an auger. Right? Right, right. But when it's going fast enough, might as well be like called the blade. Right, Okay. Right. So first in Millstone, Kylie. Snowblower and 59 year old woman met up The way it happened was The snow blower was being operated by a family member. Um we'll call him defendant in divorce Court. No, I I don't know if it was the husband not but Uh, somebody is using the snow blower on the property. Uh, this 59 year old woman is out there. Apparently, the person either didn't see her or didn't realize that running the snowblower over her foot wouldn't be a good would not be a good idea. No, that that's not even the worst story. It doesn't deeply none of you heard different bill. But this one my version of this It doesn't say exactly what it did There have the same story you do, Okay, but it injured her foot. It injured her foot. She was alert and conscious when troopers arrived, but the good why use recoiling alert? I think I know I was about to actually mention this. I think, go ahead because she can feel it. She's got a story 00. That's not what I was thinking. I was just thinking. You know how bad this injury must be. If it needs to be pointed out that they were alert and conscious, it's almost like saying Somehow, against all odds against all odds. They were actually alert and conscious, right? Yeah, exactly. But there was no word on her condition. She was taken to Central State Medical Hope she'll be fine. And I hope these next two gentlemen will be as well. Both of these stories. Also, snow blowers were from Teaneck. One man. Had several fingertips. Severed. Yeah, it's gonna leave a mark. While another nearly lost his entire finger and a pair of snow blowing mishaps. This was yesterday in Teaneck. The first victim, 43 year old guy. Brought This severed fingertips with them. To holy name Medical center. Something about tips. I don't like plural. I don't like being able to carry him in Look. What do you mean that they shouldn't be removable. Without a longer They will be brought the tips in. No, they were supposed to come with him Regardless. Yeah, but I mean, he did the right thing. Hopefully they can reattach. Of course. Yeah, but yeah, that's like What do you bring them in? Who you know, But you gotta think about stuff like that. Like, Don't they say certain things. What is it? It's not a tooth because can be reattached a tooth. Isn't there something they say, like packing, like putting some milk or something alone? You know? I don't know, but I don't know if about milk isn't there? I don't know. I need you recommendations for milk. I'm not sure what I'm thinking off. But anyway, so s so that was that was victim number one or two. If you're counting the millstone story. And then the other victim. 30 year old person. Also a guy. Uh, he also got himself to the hospital after being able to remove his injured hand. Oh, God intact, but his finger was apparently Dangling off so Yeah. Uh, These are dangerous. They are You look at those things spinning when you're breaking up a clog with the with the stick that they provide with the snow blower. Now, hand right, you think? Wow, that's a that's nasty. But see, you have to think. You know, Would it be easy to do to just like lose your grip? You're out there in the cold For long enough. Your hand is maybe losing feeling you're trying to do with the safe way. You're trying to clear that clog with the stick. Maybe your hand just goes flying off that it's all an accident. It just grabs the tip of your finger boot Ram right off, you know. Yeah, There's something to say about a shovel. Maybe maybe I'm gonna tell my dad to stick to shoveling. Hey, maybe you should do it yourself. Tell my dad So I'm gonna tell my dad to shovel E was worried about his fingers. Yeah, but But that's what we'll say. It wasn't like, you know, I'm gonna offer. It's a shovel for my dad so he doesn't get hurt. No, don't order my dad to do it The more laborious way way that you still do all the heavy lifting, but just making even ever you're still don't get tonight on, Let's scream it. Young, strapping last You could do it. That's the nicest thing you've ever said about me, Bill. Thank you. All right. So here's what we would like to know. At 1 802 831 of 1.5 the lesson here. Machines can be dangerous. Guys know this. Many women know it. Too many learned it the hard way. We'll call this the rise of the machines. When were you injured by a machine that you were working with women?.

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