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To omaha stakescom enter the promo code zero and the search bar and you get a 75 percent savings it's guaranteed to be the gift that the hit this holiday season but we want to go since we are going to be in philly this weekend for the army navy game as we have said probably thirty times on the podcast now we brought in a very special correspondent that we have from phillies means streets we like to welcome informally of e s p n angelo pailin tonio angelo welcome to the show yeah thank you for having me on i wanna i just how much i appreciate ye zhoaying was shut out two troupes oic everywhere while thank you we appreciate the shot out especially for the troops that are in and around the game and navy army so you are a fill a guy how excited as the city rail philadelphia a's on fire right now few days do we care about as much as the army navy game altay two of them that slices lorenzo's airs beige or fucking facial tell you that much right now and a key stake from ish khabib was down on sale street but apart from those two things the army navy game is eh in fall free what is a uh what are you hearing right now in the streets affiliate what's going on right there right now for the game wall people were fired up right now you got a lot of cadets down air already pound than a couple yudo couple of makeshift wind down air knocking back a couple yangling traditional augurs as we are wont to do down in philly their escort to be an intense atmosphere i can guarantee that bondo up its looking falk and chile now the fell as that are pushing the betting lines what are they saying about the game ward air say you know what hammering it doesn't matter which side because all these games about is a good time so is all uganda owes finish at old online you'd out ear bat t enjoy yourself we know flew bringer will win but i para over already under.

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