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Wilson, run. No, it was more than that. It was more than that. It was a significant run. It was at least half a decade, Chris. I mean, Malcolm butler kind of put an end to it in a way, right? I mean, it led up to put an end to their Super Bowl winning, but I don't know. I think seahawk fans will be like, you have to include somebody from the year in which they want a Super Bowl, right? But would you put Russ on that list? Obviously, like the short list. He's on there. But I think ask that question of a seahawk fan since the kingdome days what they would say and they might say large and pro football reference has Ross number one ahead of Steve origin. All right seahawk fans 8 four four two O four rich number to dial if you're watching later on our YouTube stream, the comment section is yours TJ Jefferson will absolutely see it. Why wouldn't they? Okay. Let's see what the people have to say. Good stuff. Leonard fournette playoff Lenny Lombardi Lenny Marty Lenny. What is your ass doing in New England Lenny? That's the tweet apparently text that Tom Brady sent Leonard fournette when he still went on his free agency tour up in New England and now he's back with Brady in Tampa. The always a great chapter with Leonard fournette. That's coming up. What's more likely coming up an hour number three as well? 8 four four two O four rich number to dial here on the rich eisen show that is now two hours in the books one more high quality entertaining news and information hour coming up next. I'm throwing this poll up right now. What are you throwing up? Greatest player in Seahawks history. Russ, Steve largent Bobby Wagner, Walter Jones. Okay. I think that about covers it, right? What's the top four rated on pro football reference? What is there? They do is something called AV. So then what do they have for the rams? Okay, you looked that up. By the way, rams is Merlin Olsen. Jack youngblood. Aaron Donald and Jackie slater. I forgot Jackie slipped. I named the other guys. Respected Jackie slater, completely forgotten. I don't think you can go wrong naming deacon Jones on that list though. I don't think you can go wrong. I don't think so. He's 8th on that list behind our window pace, Tom Mack, and Isaac Bruce. Merlin Olsen, I'll tell this story again if I already have it. I think I have. You guys have probably heard it, right? My Merlin Olsen story. So yeah, when we first started NFL network, the first thing we did was go to the pro football Hall of Fame. Before we launched and I recorded a bunch of round table interviews, though there was no table and there's nothing round of just me sitting on a director's chair and then other director shares next to me inside the bus room. And we didn't air those interviews till the next year, which we needed to run instead of NFL total access because everybody did to NFL total access, boarded a flight to go to canton. So we needed the content to fill the whole of what normally would have been NFL total access that night. And so the interview I had was it was with me. It was supposed to be the hardest hitters in the history of the game. Me, Ronnie lott, and Lawrence Taylor. And Lawrence Taylor didn't show. And it was Ronnie lott and it was Merlin Olsen. And I asked those guys the hardest hit they ever delivered to anyone on the Phil Merlin Olson said, Jim Brown, I hit him so hard one time. He goes, he came to the coliseum and that's all we talked about all week is we are not going to let him beat us. We're going to put on the ground father Murphy did not say ass. And so Merlin Olsen said that he had a clear shot of Jim Brown, which is so rare. Jim Brown coming around the end, a clear shot at him, and he just walloped him. He hit him so hard that he said that he had visions of seeing Jim's eyes rolling in the back of his head when he got up. He got up and he saw Jim Brown run 70 more yards for the touchdown. For over three decades, nobody has had a wrestling career like arn Anderson. Conrad Thompson gets all the stories with R. Are you changing these matches up every night? They're not televised. They're live events. It's fun to go out and change stuff up on fire. And always remember this, Conrad, no matter how it evolves going forward. When our business is the most fan friendly talent friendly, fewer friendly. It's when a lot of what you see is ad lib. That's it. Listen to arn every week. Wherever you get your podcast..

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