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But your other guy calm and then suddenly overrule for the team that's challenging because you won't both of your car's going quickly as possible and scoring many points as possible. Whereas if you've only got one doing that job your half as effective as a team, I think the thing is the word Allwood of used as well. It was a piece in all spoil thousand five compare in reluctant and loans who were at the time the next well came on tour as well. Go to mention, but really it was wrought Rodman versus Lonzo and the Bassi arguments that on your perfect lap. When the caller is absolutely bang on rock and will be quicker than he would be now. But those days he would be because he closer corner speed precision all the rest of it. But Nantes at ten you don't have the perfect race car. And that's why. Fall on the way to get. But I think that's also why has this reputations of relentless driver. If you look at laptops at the Mon lost in. So over the best ten last best twenty laps. He was second. Third quarter. Toyota guys, you extend that stint longer and longer and he moves further and further ahead. Nothing is because doesn't matter. Whether you got hard fuel low fuel ties in nacogdoches, new whatever he will find the best way getting that particular packet at that moment around the track in the quickest time. The hearts of what makes a great. Because for example, if you ask anyone who's at McLaren in two thousand seven but say, well, Louis, actually, probably any given qualifying not good may be fun extract little bit more speed from it potentially. But in the races Alonzo's, always the guy who was there all the time authentic and changing and dropping in and out. Exactly any Any other other. other sit there and argue the the greatest qualifier and f one history Alonzo is not quite in that talk peace. Not with the sun is probably the Hamiltons as well until handle. But he's still still exceptionally good. I mean, we're talking the best of the best Laso you still out there. But not right in the very saw. But just as all round package and the ability to just operate and get the most out of in in all of these conditions. Incredible LeMond is a great example where you've got so many variables feeding into it. But he's able to adapt. And that's what the great joy was do. They can they can adapt to situations. And that's why there's no car we couldn't drag out time out of that's why he can demolish teammate live live under difficult. And perhaps that's always say why hasn't ended up being one of the great qualifies. Because you'd think that that ability to adapt and improvise with making brilliant on a Saturday. But it might also mean the of chasing the opposite finite points set up you don't need to because you know, he can deal with problems. I will. Accost your Hamilton's may be the key to them getting that little bit more is that they hone in just that little bit more. They try not to live on their wit's, quite so much very much. Only talking Tony mountains. Of course, a weakness. I would say I'm not a bad qualify. Let Cammie times I've my teammate three for the he is an extremely good qualify that just says about what makes intrude exceptional that the strengths stress really seen bad cars, isn't it where he really shines on of the the hidden joys. The fact that he has to fight for title is one thing. But the fact he's been some bad cars for so long recently, get to appreciate actually the full extent of his ability because he has destroyed drivers like Reichen in Vande on who really really really drivers sessions from the twenty eight thousand season watching tracks to every grand prix weekend places like back in Singapore to seeing the ability to hustle, the car and that that just showed van Dorn just kind of constrained by the limit. Stations whereas lawns. I was willing to kind of right on the edge and make spectacular to watch. And it's. This this this thing I've said about nobody across this criticism is different ways to to skin a cat as it were. And the way along Skinner. That's one of the it's about now. But..

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