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Quickly. The Queen ain't happy the queen's not happy to nica from J Bill and Nick in ninety nine tweets forget the bat signal. I'm putting out the ten Roni alert for this Sunday. After that dumpster fire in Dallas yesterday. She then chased that tweet by saying, quote, I need a slump BUSTER is the flight deck available. Denisa asking for a slump BUSTER as promised. We're talking all things NFL join right now by an NFL network analyst, Anton FOX analysts you can follow him on Twitter at C FD D Twenty-two. Mike guest is Charles Davis. Charles good morning. What's up? How are you? I'm doing great. Jim. I love when they call for this slump BUSTER. I mean, you can't beat that. Can I say some trouser if you knew who she was talking about you'd like it, even better. A man appreciate Santa. There are still listen you're on the call for the Carolina Washington game yesterday. How impressed were you? With ROY Washington bounce back from that ugly performance against New Orleans on Monday night. I was impressed. Jim I wasn't surprised. And I know it's easy to say afterwards. But just look at the history of this team with Jay Gruden as the head coach they tend to bounce back after after big losses and play. Really? Well, the consistency has been there issue. You know, I talked with Jay about it. He's been very open and told my crew before the Green Bay game. We are a front running football team for whatever reason when we're down. We don't play nearly as well, we don't have to we have not shown the great comeback capability, but we get out and get on top of you look out. And what do they do against Carolina jumped out to a fourteen enough? They were embarrassed about Monday night, they have to resolve. But they played from the front like my good friend. Randy moss horse racing fame said when a horse breaks from the gate fast. It's called he caught a fly out of the gate and Washington does that there are a lot tougher team to beat Charles Davis. Joining us, you know, a level racing analogy listen in your position in my position. We're supposed to be objective. We can't play favorites. I get that. I got to say though, I was really happy. See Josh Norman bounce back. The way he did against his former team. I love the guy because there have been so much talk all week long about maybe he had gone Hollywood. Maybe he had lost something off his game. What did you see why you were watching him? Well, I talked about during the game. Jimmy was interesting about it is all the things you said as as we well know her so true different people analyzing it. Okay. I I've seen where my my colleague were Charley Casserly, it said that he's the third best corner on the team behind Quinton Dunbar, converted wide receiver Fabien Moreau out of UCLA, another, you know, a colleague of ours into business book befallen had said on Monday night football. He's no longer the top corner on the team Quin Dunbar it. Well. Yes, pride he was stung by that. And I thought that in this game. He played his best game of the year. One perfect day attacked him late in the game. And got some plays on Jim. But prior to that Carolina had studiously avoided him. They aimed all their big shots at Quinton Dunbar. So that told me that in Carolina's estimation. Even though Josh wasn't playing at his at the level that people expect from him. They expected him play well in this ball game, and they still had full respect for him. He had an interception forced force fumbling. The game I think Josh Norman is on his way to being back towards being the Josh Norman you're looking for. I don't know that he's the lockdown guy that people have made about to be. But I also don't think that he's as bad as as people said after the New Orleans game either Charles Davis joining us. All right. So last night Kansas City goes into New England. And then the first half Patrick Mahomes looked a little like you'd expect somebody to look making just seventh NFL start. But they turned it around in the second half, Charles. I mean you've been around this game a long long time. How many quarterbacks have you seen with the composure of Patrick Mahomes at this stage of their career very few very few. And when we add to it. In New England Sunday night New England having ten days to get ready. And we'll did we all say, Jeb, right? Well, we always say, oh my God. Bella check that much time with a young quarterback. As you noted. He had a couple interceptions early date with it. But I do think there's a big part of the makeup of Patrick Mahomes. This is pretty incredible. But growing up in that league big-league locker room with his dad is a pitcher being around people. You know, my colleague Alex Rodriguez over at FOX, he's he's he's fashionable homes hero. And the dad has often said that Alex would treat him like an adult. He was the one that would say, hey, your clubhouse. Let's do this. Let's do that. Let's go hit the ball. With shag. Let's do all that this kid had a chance to be around these big time elite people and see how they did it and along with his own personal makeup. It's come out pretty well. The last thing I would say Jim is. He had a chance to learn pose poise and composure at Texas Tech too. Because most of their games were shootout, and he was often playing for behind trying to rally his team draws Davis. My guest when you talk about Mahomes and his background. He's just so unique in so many different ways that said you're involved in the show sports stars of tomorrow, and a profiles and interviews high school athletes, so how different or today's high school athletes from the ones that say, maybe a decade or two ago, or are they more mature are they more polished now than they were then they are everything that you just said an Uber confident. Okay. Look, we've always had confident kids coming up. All right. You had to be in order to play. But there was also Jim a time where you, quote, unquote, waited your turn does that make sense rolled into the new program going from high school to college you kind of had to sit back, and okay, I got to wait for the veterans and let your talent comes through and beat out a guy. Well, these young people nowadays. Jim they're playing elite tournaments in AAU or seven on seven flag football at a younger age. They're going to these things like the opening, right? The elite players they're seeing each other on the camp circuit. So they're all kind of doing everybody talks about the NBA. Let's get together and form super teams these kids recruit each other. When I was that age. Okay. I said I be this back in the dark ages of the eighty when you heard about a great player across the country. There's a mythical quality to them because you just didn't see him. They weren't highlights. You know, there wasn't this. You heard about that guy? Go. Wow. I heard he's really great kids all know each other now, and they are not cowed when they go to the college level they go in expecting to take someone's job expecting to play right away. And that's a big positive for teams. But when you're trying to feel about harmony and dynamic a lot tougher for the older guys now because they don't wait their turn any more of these kids are precocious to the Instagram. And and let's face it. They're on television. They play on TV from the time. They're twelve years old go into these big time places not going to stimulate them at all you Charles joining us, you can watch him on NFL network and Fox Sports or I see mentioned back in the dark ages of the eighties. We go back to your career for minute. You're a db, Tennessee. You went to training camp with the Cowboys. What was that experience? Like, what do you remember about that? It was a great experience. Jim. And I'll tell you this very quickly by dad was a high school in college basketball coach and played football and baseball in college at Bluefield state in West Virginia, which at the time was historically black college and university. So he knew the score. So I go to camp. It was the waning days of Tom Landry as head coach the Cowboys weren't as good as they had been. But they're still pretty recognizable. People there ever said ball. Michael dowd. Danny white was the quarterback, you know, right on down the line. So I go I do my thing. I wasn't good. Adopt. They cut so the morning. I got cut. The band knocked up the Turk knocks on the door. And so they Davis wants to see you and bring your playbook. So I I've been around sports my whole life, James. I knew exactly the mouse gets cut before I ran oversee coach Landry. I called my dad now, this is the old days gets called card out it the rotary I called him that morning back in New York today debt, I think I'm getting cut today. And he said why and I said, well the man just knocked the door into the head coach Landry, and he goes off. Well, heck he might want. You know, just tell you you need to do this or try to help your game would have is a death. The man told me to bring my place. Oh, you're cut. Forget it. That's my biggest Bevery right there. The old bad at that point. Just reverted to being a coach in an athlete and forget he was dead. Right. Was like, oh, yeah. You're cutting. Well, that's great. That's tremendous. So do you. Remember, it was there anything to the conversation with Tom Landry. If you're going to get cut in may as well be by legend like Tom Landry. What do remember about this conversation? It was terrific because he said, you know, there's a standard form where they have to check. Why they're cutting you in the standard for biz performance, not up to standards or something like that. That's what you have to say. And I said coach is it. Okay. If I disagree with that. And he said, hey, you can disagree. But you know, it's not gonna change any desert. I know and he just looked at me said, so he said, son. What are you gonna do? Now. I said well coach, I I graduated four years at Tennessee. I played my fifth year as a redshirt as a graduate student. He said, oh, what did I said in history? He said, well, what are you gonna decimal? I plan to go back to school at hook on anywhere else to go back to school and get my graduate degrees. Last is terrific. He said I love to hear that. That's what you need to do. So he was very nice fast forward. X number of years down the road. I'm working for the United States Olympic committee in Colorado Springs. Tom Landry's in town to give a talk that a number of us attended. And after it was over able to meet with him and go by and all my friends were there like you gotta say something's gotta say stuff that that I coach I'm Charles Davis. Is you're not gonna remember b but you cut me from the Cowboys. And he looked at me he said probably one of my mistakes. I said well coach I'd say with your record. I doubt. It was a mistake. I enjoy I appreciated the opportunity last time. I got a chance to meet with coach Landry. That is good stuff. NFL network analyst and NFL on FOX analyst. You can follow him on Twitter as well at C D twenty two Charles Davis..

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