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Are the nutty is emotionally struggling? Yes, he seems to be a while the wing in his grief. That's, that's Joe Namus new word while la- wing lane. And while the wing. So knows all about the political optics of vegetables. Yes, she does. Yes, she does. And she used to serve collie flower, pot goes at her at the restaurant where she was a bartender in Manhattan. And they, they the tweeted out a picture of the menu from those days. The, the collie flower Hakko as great as that sound, it was even better. You gotta side of HAMAs. Good. Close to the sun. He's got to close to the bug zapper. Yeah. Yeah. Splattered on the windshield of life. That's Michael avenue, Atty. Hello, sees prayer. Request a direct line to Salem mass. Got Salem mass home of the witches. That was your last chump line message. Thank you for calling Howie Carr. You. All right. That's it for the Trump line to the Trump line is the recorded voice mail message service of the Howie Carr show, you can call and leave a message any.

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