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Last year. We're still working on that crash on the five. In fact, they just cleared. It has since I send it to you. So in Anaheim on the five south at Lincoln avenue had a crash blocking the right lane for some time. They have cleared the lanes, but it's still going to be pretty heavy for you from the ninety one. And then she passed the scene it'll stay a little bit slow as well to about ball road. But then it opens up. Okay. KFI in the sky is sponsored by injury. Attorney Marianne Parman Jeff with enough dating Glendora nothing. Okay. About this westbound to ten in between the fifty seven on six zero five west grand just about in the mid. We had all lanes shut down for a long long time. Now, a couple of lanes have been opened. So traffic is starting to move a little bit. But still backed up from San demus avenue and driving north fifty seven up to the transition was through ten is just the transition itself. And I was nuts. Use foothill the route sixty six jammed up pretty quickly using arrow highway of you leaving Laverne right now over to visit that will help you quickly to at through in. I guess around Malibu. In the Santa Monica mountains, Canaan Malibu canyon, love PCH. They're all open, but treasurers, and we keep getting calls about this crew working in the tunnel on Malibu canyon be heads up going through be careful injured in an accident. Visit superwoman super lawyer dot com. Jeff. KFI in the sky. You see anything on the road? You can call us and let us know the route seventy time traffic line is eight eight eight five hundred five thousand three Anaheim on the ninety one east before Brooker is just heard about a crash here in the two left. That's a rough derived from the five KFI in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm Robin banks this hour.

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