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Time. Joe Jiro Funks News, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken are heading to the Persian Gulf to begin managing a transition to a post Afghan more relationship. This as efforts continue to reopen the Kabul airport. Domestic flights have started in Afghanistan as the Turks and Qataris work to get the Kabul airport operational again. There are ongoing negotiations to figure out just who will run the airport. And for how long. But Qatari sources say the focus over the coming weeks will be on evacuations and humanitarian aid. This comes as the Taliban works to get civil service is up and running again under their new Islamic system Boxes, tree Yingst. Meanwhile, the White House has not commented on a claim from Texas Republican Congressman Michael McCaul that the Taliban has preventing some Americans from leaving an airport in Afghanistan. Man is in custody in a Florida hospital, accused in the killing deaths of four people, including a baby and severely wounding an 11 year old girl. The man was taken into custody after a shootout with authorities at the Lakeland home. Pope County Sheriff Grady Judd says shooting is not indicative of the area. Crime has never been this slow. You've never been as safe as you are right now. But when you get a nut job like this statistical data makes no difference. I mean, this guy was wired up. On dope on math, Sheriff Judd said. The man tried to take a gun from a police officer at the hospital where the suspect is being treated for a gunshot wound. Seven people were injured in Georgia when a man with a gun opened fire into a crowd of people earlier this morning. The shooting happened in downtown Athens after a large fight broke out. Injuries to the seven are not considered life threatening. Police are searching for a 21 year old man whom they consider a suspect. America is listing of Fox News..

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