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Escobar had a run in there with Hit row escobar was talking mad shit about isaiah swerve scott so to eventually see those guys lockup should be pretty damn good See gee-gee dolan taken on suray. Okay match okay match up you know i know right now. The big the big pet projec- it's all about getting over and everything dolan looked pretty rocked. I gotta say she looked pretty damn rock. Hopefully she's arrived me having heard anything about her but some of that. Some spots in that match looked pretty damn stiff from suray to dolan. So hopefully she's okay. Bye was okay was was was pretty good What a had sold there. I'm not quite with this gee-gee dolan character. Look i know what she was doing on the independence and all that and i mean honestly what she was doing. I think this is going to be a really telling. Tell when it's all said and done because what gee-gee was able to do on the independence. Which pretty much was all about shock and awe right. It was all about the priscilla. Kelly who i'm talking about by the way you know it was all about the the shock the aw The sensationalism of certain spots and her matches. You know. it's kinda sad that when you bring up the name. Priscilla kelly in one of the first things you bring up is oh tampon girl. You guys have no idea what the fuck i'm talking about. Google is your best friend. But there's been some some crazy shit that she's done over the years that you know and you just go. Wow so you got a pretty much do this just to essentially get yourself over. It's like but now that we are taken away all of those elements and you know i. It's pretty much all stripped in okay. all right. We got a blank. Have this here and wwe. Let's see what we can do here. There's not a lotta substance. So i'm most curious to see you know what's what's going to happen. How is she going to rise to the cream of the crop here because honestly no bullshit. And i mean this and no disrespect..

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