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Today. Jordache sent an email to let all their customers. And they were saying, Hey, we got this bill that Congress is thinking about right now and it's the restaurant support bill and I let me see pull this just I'm not make it up. Numbers are trying to get as close to them as I possibly can because some of the things that they set in this is this urge Congress to pass the restaurants act elected officials. In Washington DC are considering legislation that would save independent restaurants. That's an important thing independent. Restaurants across the country and they're pushing this they said, they want to protect the employment of sixteen million Americans that work at independent restaurants generates up to two hundred, seventy, one billion dollars for the economy, and they suggest that eighty five percent of independent restaurants are at risk of closing permanently due to Covid nineteen at is unbelievable eighty, five percent of these restaurants remembering that I just said, sixteen million people work at these places and there's a big deal. There's another movement. That I've seen some of the local places that are affected by this. Talk about a little bit on social media The save our stages movement. For. Live. It's for. The. Mission of the National Independent Venue Association to preserve nurture the ecosystem of independent live music venues. So it's the same thing like you're talking about restaurants that independent ones this one's for the venues places like. The. Social the BEECHAM. Any concert venue, the plaza live stuff like that. That are that are not like these name brand mainstream ones who are also hurting, but they're. Trying to band together and push well, if you did a little list, right if you said, who are the places that have been most effective by government shutdowns in by government action, you'd go bars restaurants. Undoubtedly not just live music venues but the live music world. Yeah. In the bands and the roadies and everybody that is in that that that arena has been impacted by this more. So than so many other people I mean it's totally plausible that there's somebody out there. That's like I don't even know what the big deal is. I'm driving around my jobs better than ever I have an anti major issues through this but these other industries are hurting quite a bit and dash has yet another problem because. I didn't realize this, but I guess being door Dasher if that's the way they define themselves, they call them dashers. If you're a door Dasher, it is a lot harder according to one person in particular. Then you would think to do this job and overeats then I mean, well, all of them I guess but it just take door dash because this woman is adored ash driver that we're going to hear from here. That's no no. No, there's another one that if there's a donut one, because this one is someone. WHO's she's breakdown she's a door dash driver and she sang about how difficult her job is and she filmed herself and posted this all my she's crying her. Mascara running down her face or Gal and I thought to myself. I didn't realize it was so hard in day and age when we got GPS, we got cell phones to call the people. If there's problems, she's got a filthy mouth. Door. And people, sites, live it apartments. But you mean so hard for me to find where you live. I've been certainly rendered goddamn place for twenty. It's. Twenty. Double Down. Live. Either fry. Apartment twenty, three addresses to nine one nine. I've been looking for. I is a tune on one nine and they're like support it's building twenty three. Is the. Tough meeting or FRY. This tough out there being one of these delivery drivers lot pressure on your these days, and then you've got to do the dance right I. Don't know if I told you guys this. But a couple of weeks ago I woke up and I was incredibly hung over before the show. This part is not a surprise to either one of us. When we were both of us were northern ceiling was drunk all it might have been that day. It could have been that day when seeler was the only one who seemed sober for the beginning of the show we be powered through though we got there. But I I will Novi self sealing of feeling. So hung over and when I do that, my go-to is get door dash or something like that and get McDonald's breakfast burritos that kicks my my system into gear in some weird way, and I can I can take on the day and so I did that and then I got the alert from my camera that somebody was there and they were dropping off the food and I asked for. The contact listing just set it down. I'll see it's there. It's all sealed up and I'll get out of there and go and so I, was only halfway paying attention I open up the front door and the guy's still there and he's got his camera out and I'm so is this guy doing maybe he's calling somebody but holding his camera up in front of his face with happening here. So I grabbed the McDonald's bag and he's like That and I'm like what and we're having this weird standoff in the front yard and I'm going. He has to picture a good. Yeah. No idea. He had to take a picture of the McDonald's on the front step but I took the bag because I was. A picture. In the picture at the same thing happened to make right? Thumbs up holding this bag. That was weird and I understand what you're supposed to do. These are the things they deal with these people who are delivering every day. Let me try to grab the back to early. I had the weirdest thing delivery. I've ever had the other day have to to keep talking about. These. Energies Clinton's this one's not food at all but the Amazon. Delivery driver was like he was delivering to one of my neighbors across the street at the same time as my girlfriend and I were switching cars. And he had packages for me too, and he just came up like open my passenger side doors I package for you. Delivered to the car right into the car. was like her. They have weird jobs and and they probably deal with so many strange people on any given day. She just have a little bit of a break down there. I, did like that part that was just like I mean again, fries. Because you get desperate, it's it's been thirty minutes, freak it out and people who decide to live apartment. So. Anything. Do. She does need some help though she said, F door dash and people who live in apartments. So we're we're covering a lot of people here just F- You right off the bat it so hard for me to find where you live a I've been certainly got in place for twenty minutes. Twenty minutes. have no idea with they live. Video I WANNA see. This is. My favorite. Twenty three's actresses to nine, one nine. I've been looking for tonight. and. I asked him is to on one nine in they're like support it's.

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