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Club and fifty six wg sunday morning thanks to barry manilow and low bit of time with her today happy to interview to you this morning from all the fan load texting and calling you throughout the morning sweep stories somebody texted the story of why barry manilow is significant to them says here that my middle son was born forty years ago he was a fussy baby i often sang the song can't smile without you to him i told him about those days and when he got married in two thousand and four he surprised me with that very song for our mother son dance that the wedding that a beautiful story i'm good today how are you isn't that a nice story about the same sweet how about for you have favorite barry your song as he had a uc the out for some time ago but i want to target and i asked a young girl on the counter i have the new dairy now cd and she goes who said he makes the young girl singing mike my college age granddaughter and all her friends were singing and dancing to copacabana so i use them to barry at some point you realize when a very manilow sunken zone and you're singing along with that these are you know these are all the songs of our youth is these are the he wrote the songs and he did make the whole world sing that's very true he surely did i'm i'm glad to hear on your program it's nice of you to call in i have two things i wanna do a number one i want to give you a twenty five dollar gift certificate for lou malnati's for being nice and today i don't know if i didn't expect anything it's my pleasure also i don't know if you heard the interview that we did at ten thirty this morning with the two stars of once the musical that's at the paramount in aurora this is such a beautiful show i would love to give you two tickets for as okay well i can be kind of hard for me and my husband to get out if someone would be maybe you have someone in your life that you would like to share these tickets with how about that what would be.

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