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Would you do for got it finished. Second in the mvp race the average thirty this year and it's the most physically dominating force we have in the game. You also want him on the other to give you post ups to get to the line to give blocks to give you rebounds. And i noticed that. A guy plan with a torn. Meniscus jacoby doesn't necessarily get optimal conditioning in the second half it showed he didn't make a field goal and also when they were going to the time out he was laying on the floor. Like larry bird in the late eighties would a bad back. The big fella was fatigued. He has to do a lot for a squad so as long as his help and his ability to his ability to like rian bit his conditioning during this series. Because that's what you have to do like certain tires like as a guard before the game dribble rule. Heart take it through your legs. You go full speed drubel that you have to do all of that stuff and as a big he asked to also and i noticed when they were out there warming up before the game. He was the final person to come out there because he's trying to say everything he can't for the game so i believe joel's conditioning holds up along with this health therefore i believe they advanced but now they just made this a really tough jacoby because the hawks are confident the hawks ask some questions of the seventy sixers in the second half specifically.

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