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Thank you for that. It is so strange and disconcerting that there is this weird groundswell right now of this sentiment percolating up, like why now, what is going on? And what's so strange about anti semitism is the weird and disturbing ways in which it kind of prods both left leaning and right leaning people. Like on the one hand, it's the ethnic minority whose penetrating our border and taking our jobs and the non white people, right? But on the other hand, it's also the people who have ingratiated themselves into culture and ascended to positions of power and are secretly controlling everything. So it's like both of those things are true. At the same time. And that's what fascism is, right? When the right and the left mean. That's why it's scary. But I'm not here to say that I feel like we're on that trip down that memory way into that dark place. I don't think we are. I don't believe that at all. But listen, I've experienced anti semitism my whole life. It just happens. My great uncles, my grandparents. They endured it on the streets. I've had so many just comments at me or around me my whole life. It's fine. We are not really geared to vocally fight it. We're more geared to ignore it and just get on with it. If you look at Goldman Sachs, I'm not telling you that I think Goldman Sachs is a great institution. But Goldman Sachs was started by Jews who couldn't get jobs on Wall Street. Because they were Jewish. And so then they started Goldman Sachs. And look what happened. Hollywood started by Jewish people. So these kinds of businesses, I think that's where these myths and these conspiracies come through. They didn't need Wall Street to build Goldman Sachs. And then dominated Wall Street. So that's going to engender a certain jealousy. I just think that obviously Kyrie made a mistake. I think Kanye is having mental health issues personally. Not an excuse for that behavior. And I'm not here to excuse it, but it just shows that we all have work to do, I guess. Yeah. I mean, I am encouraged by the essentially broadly unanimous denouncement of all of this, but there are pockets of people for whom that Kanye, Kanye's messaging, resonates with them, which is disturbing, right? And you can't separate that from the impact of social media and the Internet on how it's shaping and warping brains alike, right? Yes. In terms of what we're seeing spillover into real world ramifications and culture, which brings us, of course, to Elon Musk buying Twitter. It's very controversial. Yes. He's sort of this incredible successful serial entrepreneur richest man on the planet who is kind of turning into an edge lord. Interested in basically being extremely online on Twitter and has purchased this platform where he reigns supreme and it would appear as of today's taping is kind of making the rules as he goes. Now listen, I think Twitter has a lot of problems. I think there is room for tremendous improvement. I would like to see it turn into a healthy ecosystem for global discussion. Elon Musk seems intent on making lots of changes as of right now. I'm not exactly sanguine about those changes being as positive as I think we would all like. And this is seems to be evolving moment to moment as today. It was something like this hardline policy on like you can't impersonate anybody unless you declare that it's sarcasm, but all of these accounts were turning their names into Elon Musk, and then he's like banning them. And it's like, it's weird right now. Right. Everything that's going on. Because sarcasm is always funnier when you say it up front. Right. But if Kathy Griffin is changing her profile name to Elon Musk, we all know that it's sarcasm. Right. Does she need to declare that? And then her account is suspended. Maybe there's something good about having a hardline policy of like nobody can impersonate anybody. We'll see what happens here. This seems to be changing literally hour to hour. The latest I heard was that of all the people that were fired, now they're trying to bring a bunch of those people back. Did you see Kevin ruse's kind of well, he's got this new podcast now called hard fork of Casey Newton. They did a whole deep dive last week on it. And actually interviewed some Twitter employees about what it's like, they're lived experience of being there and kind of living through all of this. Are you going to fork over your 8 bucks a month? Is that even happening? Yeah, I guess that's already a thing. There's an update where people are doing that. Are you doing it? I have a hard time imagining doing that. I have problems with this in that it seems like really what you're getting out of it is amplification of your tweets. If you don't pay the 8 bucks, they've basically said they're suppressing your tweets and nobody's going to see them. So is this a free speech free speech? I think there is a bot problem and I think verification is important and it would be nice if everybody was vetted and you had to actually prove and establish that you are who you are. I think that would solve a lot of problems. And I think there is friction when you say you have to pay suddenly a lot of these bots and bot farms are going to get weeded out. But I'm not sure this is the best way of doing that. But I'm not a computer scientist nor a social media engineer. I just know that this is a very unhealthy situation right now and it feels very at the moment. My friend Reese Pacino sent me a couple of. In finance and he's working on a great project. I should say about kind of trying to find climate solutions, but investing in climate solutions for profit. And he sent me a couple of diatribes on this. And one of them was like this new social network that they're talking about. I know Jack Dorsey is in beta a new thing. And so I signed up for that beta, just to see. Did you? It's a good idea. But what will happen? All these people who are on Twitter who had hundreds of thousands of followers, they're not going to give up on if they go to mushroom or whatever it is. They're going to start at zero. Or Mastodon. Mastodon is one of them. Is that this one? No, no, no. I don't know who owns Mastodon.

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