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Natural growth taking lessons in life learnt and not being too hard on myself. Just saying, I, am who I am. This is the doesn't just because I can does not mean I should. That's another life lesson for a seven just because you keihin does not mean you should, yes. Sometimes it's just Just. Good to stop and and be the one that listens because as we are integrating, we moved towards five. Yeah, and which I love I used to ain't how are Economic Torch Five? Yes. But I love that. Yeah, I think it's one of the reasons I find fasting as a discipline really important because I would say to myself over and over again you can. But you all. You can, but you want, then you need to learn that you can, and so it's it is probably my favorite spiritual discipline. just because it is so counter to my nature absolute and when I'm eating a meal I often. A Buffet, member those things before. You. Sit Things I say to myself is is you can't have as much as what you want anything, but you could also tomorrow so. Don't don't freak out about you know you like it. I have to do that with a lot of things. You Go back and see that movie again tomorrow if you loved it so much. You can go back and get tomorrow. I have to remind myself that we live in a God's economy is abundance. Because I think the world tries to trap US and tell us we're going to run out. Not Wearing with my members analogy. Air. I'm just really thankful to know you feel like I. We have this unfair advantage now if I can be like, okay, Erin. Tell me how to do my forties. Well, okay. You can't do your forties what because it's exciting I every every new I mean, we do tend to group things in decades. Yup. I've I'd loved forty forty was the time when I can say, you know I, am I am who I am. I'm. A. So much of my life and my thirties, I wanted to be somebody else. I wanted to be that that that quiet deep. Well, you know that thoughtful quiet person that you have to lane into to hear what they had to say. But what I say is so rich, I wanted a different personality. I think it was in my forties that said. But I am who I am, but doesn't mean I can't grow and I can't use it as an excuse. You know, sorry, I live in the two matches just who I am I like it's not. It's not an excuse because there's no discipline and there's no growth in that but I think it was my forties when I finally said, you know, I am who I am. Yeah, I'M GONNA. Love who I am set nick. How do you feel you're better at being a person in your thirties? Then you're in your twenty s as a seven I, it's it's encouraging to know. Know. That as you growth, there is opportunity to get better and I believe that's true because I'm not how I was when I was in my twenties, I think sick in his twenties would label. Well, I'm just a seven that's just how it is, and then on the other part, I would judge nine like, why are you being so Bossy, your, why are you being so emotional and they're like, well, I'm just a nine that that's how I am, but now looking back, I. Still have to remind myself I'm like the Ingraham is not created for you to act the way you're. And it's it's their the goods and the bads of every number. You know the whole like when I found out I was seven I. Don't want to be seven I don't want to be like you know the whole time like that's not me, but then the whole phrase like a tiger. Stripes. So figure out how to live as tiger thing. What's going to work for you? It's not GonNa work for you even though I feel like a lot of people. They want to be a seven. That's not that was not the case for me when I found out, I was seven, and so I, feel like, and if they really knew they win one of. Yeah. Just because like I feel like. My closest friends are nines and the ones that that haven't taken any Graham I. Don't WanNa. Be Like your nine to take the test because I heard that. That's that's a no, no you. But that's I just feel like nine are very understanding of of sevens at least in my experience. That's how it's been, and so I was like man, why can't I be a nine and I'm like, no, I would miss being a seven I think. Yeah. I. Think it's encouraging to hear. Dr. Aaron. Say there is. Room for growth and that there's always going to be for growth. So you just got choose to grow and now stuck in the negatives of your number. Let's good word. It can feel easy to be stuck in the negatives of our number I feel like. I. Fight with myself a lot and like just like not in a trying to be someone else. But going like, okay, let's just talk this part down. Okay. Now, we'll talk this down. Okay. Now, you can do this like it just feels like but I didn't understand that as well until I understood that we're in the groupings, the triad that are in her head where the thinkers and you would know you've not think that about a seven rights you would think that we're just in the feelings. Yes. But we are were in the thinking triad, which means we overthink over. Over and I also tell you that in my younger self and I have to battle. This is I have a pretty strong inner critic. Yeah. I'm at the end of evening. Let's say it was a fun parties. Let's say it was your first fortieth birthday party where you got to have everything and and I was all in living in all in I would get home and my inner critic would start listing. Did you did you run over that person? Were you thoughtful? Did you listen? Did you were you too much? Where were you too much tonight, and then that inner critic can really raise up its head and so that is something I've always battled but have grown.

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