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Factions of your party embracing socialism? I think the Democratic Party is a big things I've always loved about the Democratic Party is they're all kinds of ideas. You know, I look at my experiences, and where I've tried to make a difference and really is getting people together getting them to lay down their weapons and then getting stuff done and the locals, I think most Democrats don't care as much about the labels. This is a semi you concern that the parties, you know, embracing socialism. Label this and it just long as we get things done. There's a lot we could get done if we had a dictatorship governor, you are you cool with that. Because as long as we're getting things done. It's what do you call? It. Doesn't matter. So hearing that Joe Scarborough sitting there any sort of furrows his brow little bit. He's a little bit confused as normally is. I mean, the guy married Mieko. So you've got to understand that he's horribly confused on a daily basis. And a question as the hamster and his head runs in that wheel just a little bit faster. He gets a very a more basic question to ask governor Hickenlooper. This is equivalent what you're about to hear of setting the ball on a t. And then the guy hitting the plate with the bat. Not even the the the tea itself not the ball not to t the empire upside the head. Would you call yourself? What do you call yourself? A proud capitalist. Oh, I don't know. I, you know, again, the labels. I'm not sure Eddie van fit. But I do believe that you know, that ability to look at climate change, I figured out. How are we really going to create a sense of urgency and get people together we met the methods one the worst climate pollutants that there is. With the first and so far, the only state to really address it aggressively. He's asked are you a capitalist, and he parlays that into talking about cow farts? Really? I think it's really to the point in the democratic primary that you cannot call your that he's afraid to call himself a capitalist a capitalist, by the way, governor Hickenlooper came from modest middle class means and now he's worth somewhere in the neighborhood of five million dollars because of businesses that he started you should say, I I've done pretty damn well under capitalism and nowhere else in the world, unless you're a member of the polit bureau or the government structured, someway, you are never going to get ahead like you can in this country. So yes, I am a capitalist. He could even make Danny go on to make liberal arguments. But we got into this that and the other thing, but he can't admit that he's a capitalist. So that poor hamster in the vacuous space that occupies the area behind. Joe Scarborough's is ran a little bit faster and Joe to his credit looped back and said. You know, you hit the unpire upside the head with a baseball bat, I'm going to put the ball back on the T and give you another bite at this. Apple, right. Let me ask you this. I'll I'll break it down even more. Do you consider yourself a capitalist?.

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