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On people really believed in it and so we they took the pay cut uh we close the funding we paid everything that we had had not paid out animal decorate wow i and how i'm gonna take you to pay them back on the iou i don't remember anything was a few it was a few months it wasn't like a year did you do any of kind of marketing that helped out so you you told me about starting out getting therapists in an therapist help bring in clients what else did you do that brought in more clients we turn a few things in some things didn't work we trade social media i didn't really work retried sem search engine marking didn't really work seo worked a whittle but not much a lot of people are not searching for online therapy suites need you grow awareness that the methods attended to work were the insurers and also on we had some early evidence that primary care providers would work so the number one driver of mental health visits is primary care providers seventy percent of all antidepressants are prescribed by pcp is not the reality because they don't really they aren't as familiar with antidepressants or or psychotropic medications compared to mental health specialists so the the insight here is good a pc peas and say look one in four patients a come through your door have a mental illness you're not going to do therapy with them you'd probably rather knocked prescribed medication for them because not as familiar to increases your liability you'd wanna specialist so sevens us not the majority of visits tend to come from a pc p how new p therapists as a pcp going to know and what tends to happen is that these pc peas have one or two.

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