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The time and i mean he's gonna he's gonna get that work in All costs that feels like the potential future of ota's whenever the next cba's up for conversation and they'll be away somehow. The nfl will profit off of these passing sessions alongside the teams and the players. It'll become something. Because i've done a chance to watch a couple of those. That payton had no idea how i got invited. I i think. I might have been at somebody's house and they're like. Hey we're going to do is send you wanna come on. Come on some balls. They're open field. I think that's why we're going. Or whatever i there was no open-field though there was one field they were ryan. I just sat back and watch basically. This is incredible because guys are trying new shit like guys are in your learning and like testing out new routes new pushes new everything. It's like. it's pretty cool to tennessee. The freedom of that type of thing. We're talking scotty. Miller you said you're dealing with an injury. Were you back for mandatory or are you going to be camp. You don't have to dive into it. It's up to you. Yeah i was back. So i was dealing with a groin injury all last year really literally the first game. I think my growing saw all season is dan with this. Take care of it right up to the super bowl And then i was back for had cleared before minicamp saw full participant and i felt really good so and now i get like five weeks before camp starts up so Really fortunate with Jail and excited for have another bigger. A we're excited for you as well. The groin is tough. I can't believe you're blowing by people you know with a pulled groin. I assume the rehab and recovery. On monday and tuesday was miserable. You ever put your put yourself in one of these bad boys i have was it a. That's probably still it. Looks like there's a lot of liquid in their keeping ice cold remember. I love my dog last time i was throwing throwing trees store. He's going crazy barking. I may against return. Guess here a friend of the show. The show canine on the show. Very what's the what's the name of the dog hula. Who the who she doing. Gronk splashing around your pool. Turn that place into a goddamn slipping slide. She's actually she's a maniac so i actually took her to my neighbor's house smart. Who was out at tom. Moctar up got checked on her every couple of hours. Smart if not she be jumping in the pool. You know so yeah. She's not allowed to parties and daughter. Talk about the seventeen now. No we have not talked about it. I think we've heard. Yeah some of the guys on the chiefs. Make comments about it Maybe to blah not just want to win every game. I anybody who doesn't want to win the super bowl. I mean i would say. I want wanna win every game. But we've talked about it but we got a great team. Come back everybody back Probably one of the most talented rosters in the league. So we should have a decent shot going into every week you know So a going to the nfc championship game. Did you know like before. You cut that touchdown right before halftime. That really people have to talk about. It was an unbelievable. Did you get any kind of read pre snap that that was going to happen to you feel like this. Is this really happened. They really do in this Yes oh before the play. The play cows rely bunch left. Kick to go like simple. Play and tom like mike. Scotti like to the back corners. I'm going to pick somebody some. We're in a bunch sometimes see deport my not. You probably gets a jump. I'll stand there. Kids the the tip you know but then we saw their defense. They're in like one high when the corner was like probably twelve years man. I saw them just kind of sitting on light dog. No way they're going to run this. I'd like they're going to prevent me. I was just gonna bail. Snap the ball due to stay there. Run right by them tom. So the same thing. I did it soon as i ran by. Got balls in the air falls right. Mars like easy punish so it was crazy. So that's vital right. You and tom seeing the same picture. How long do you think that took for either you and tom or for tom. And most of the offense he had to learn a new one there. Because people talk about going up to new england and not being able to understand the offense because tom and wide receiver. Everybody has to be on the exact same page without really saying anything. Is it similar in tampa in how long after that by week. It felt like you guys really started going. Yeah hundred percent took awhile just for tom. To kinda understand. Where would be bar wanted to do with them to understand what tom wanted to do. and once they kind of like messed after the bye week because it's hard to figure out with just going going going every single week but once you get time to settle lynn you. Can you can figure. Stop also wants that biweekly hit. Tom really jove stuff he wanted to do. The they came together had a great plan. All of us receivers understand it. What spots we were good admiral. We're going to be playing going forward. and we just rolled from there. We saw bits and pieces of success before the bye week but then after the bye week i mean we were rolling every single game. Did how big of a change was did it. Did you have to learn a new playbook like what was the change really. yeah i mean some of the places we run endured cab like some of our basic plays were. We aren't going around anymore and we're gonna install summertime stop but we still have the basics of the offense was still be as and buyers now philosophy and you saw go deep before halftime. That's their philosophy. Let's take shots..

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