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Yes you will get in on Capitol please that's all gifts. looking up at the I. new screens here not idem seeing that even the outer bands of this big massive hurricane causing some flooding in the Florida area I mean the storm is still about a hundred miles away but some of the outer bands are touching some of the areas of Florida and I think it was great Jenkins who's outside on fox news he was in a port Saint Lucie Florida and you would have thought the hurricane was coming ashore the way the ocean waves were crashing into this dude I keep in mind this is how strong the storm is it's a hundred miles away in this is just the outer bands. there is no danger. we are. he's not letting anyone. right now because of these. and coming up here in just a little bit I think around four thirty five markets Bailey of wish TV is going to join us he's going to give us the latest on this hurricane but I'm looking at some of these photos were starting to finally see some of the damage that took place in the Bahamas and is catastrophic it is bad it looks like a tornado has gone through and flat and everything so mark as Bailey which TV will join us coming up about four thirty five today with the latest on that hurricane it is Andrew luck today in Indianapolis today if you don't know what we're talking about. you do it right up to your home and stick to your budget Los is here to help with liberty city throughout the store upgrade your prices and save up to forty percent off select by special with a Sam song from the laundry see the champagne finish was nineteen ninety eight and that was just thirteen ninety six refresh your home with fifteen dollars a gallon cans of forty five dollars a five gallon pails kilos give core reading you buy select interior and exterior painting stay this Labor Day do it right for less start with a look of a real three nine four plants over Beltre nine eleven was only. as a young girl being discovered by industry insider while singing to herself pumping gas. one in three hundred million of the daughter of a clergyman from Severn Maryland spending eleven weeks at number one on the US singles chart's. one ninety million. the cost of going on to win seven Grammy awards. in one point four million. as a selling over forty million records. one thousand. the musician and performer having a child diagnosed with autism. in sixty. I'm encouraged you to learn more and autism speaks dot org slash sign. early diagnosis can make a lifetime of difference. autism speaks it's time to listen. hi to you by two six feet in the ad council thank you mom help with your science project this new. kids science projects..

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