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Nose of the Austin Dillon Machine. Now back up the track in front of Kevin Harvick wins the lead off, and now here comes Austin Dillon, Hildy, the inside line. Couple of Chevrolets upfront. Austin Dillon downstairs. You've got Alex Bowman topside who gets a huge show from Kevin Harvick into the lead in three I'll. Bush right there in the third spot in all three will move to the bottom of the racetrack. Led by Alex Bowman. CAR LENGTHEN Hand Over Kevin Harvick off Turn four right in the middle of the race track down the short straightaway. Harvick second Kyle Busch, third lap number one is in the books. Center Alex Bowman. With the race lead. Kevin Harvick breaks out of line. Harvick once the lead in one article, dive to the inside line, puts a wheel underneath the Alex Bowman machine, but he's not got drafting help. It's two car links back to Eric Al Merola and Harvick now begins to fell back. Here's Bowman tested leadoff to is Kevin Harvick moves to the bottom. Kyle Busch will fill his whole topside. And it's Bowman Bush. Now Austin Dillon, Bush and Dylan going topside right behind race leader Alex Bowman. Let's do it. Haas Racing Fords Find each other on the bottom, led by Kevin Harvick, drafting help from Eric Al Merola as they make their way back to the inside of race leader Alex Bowman in the 150 Mile qualifying races. Alex Baldwin's number 48 car had a lot of problems hit pit road many times. Carver's missing vibrating all kind of things going wrong with it, but they got it all sorted out right now, from my viewpoint. 48 car. Jeff looks really good right now. I don't see a problem with that 48 A currently no, and not at all in there running side by side. But right now, a very special lap here at Daytona once they get back around the lap number three will go on the scoreboard. 20th anniversary of the loss of a great Dale Earnhardt, the fans and attendants all standing all with three fingers in the air. Every pit crew member on pit lane three fingers in the air. The scoreboard at Daytona has number three all the way across lap number three of the Daytona 500 memory of the late Dale Earnhardt. We have one car in the wall, and we're going to see the yellow flag is the field comes rocketing across the start. Finish line, Kyle right at your feet. It may have been Daniel Suarez. I don't know. We'll check that. Garret Smith. Flea is the driver that has hit the outside retaining wall. Actually, that's Derek cope. Now, after further review the right side of that car completely taken away, Kyle, did you get a look at it? It was one car up and into the outside wall. Just that out of my view with the catch fence between us and the outside lane hard to see a number on that car, But I do believe it was Derek Cope. Just get out of the groove off of turn number four. Once he got into the outside, safer barrier had a tough time. Getting off of the wall is the rest of the field passed by to his inside. What about irony? 1990 Derek Cope won the Daytona 500 going into turn three of the last lap when Dale Earnhardt, the race leader, had a tire go down. And here on lap number three. We have Derek cope in the fans caution on the speedway for the first time..

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