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Ada blackjack brings a cup of tea to her lips and a sprawling living room and mcminnville Oregon. Sitting across from her are John and Georgia knight, Lorne knight's parents. His younger brother Joseph sits to her right. They all stare at blackjack. They describe their house as old and modest, but to blackjack, it feels like a mansion. She knows they're waiting for her to speak, but she doesn't know what to say. It's early December 1923. Blackjack has been back from wrangel for over three months, but on some days, it doesn't feel like she's fully returned. There's a gnawing hunger that never goes away. And she's always cold. At night, she still sees knights thin face, blood dripping from his nose and mouth. Georgia, Lauren's mother, sets down her teacup and smiles at blackjack. What were the other men like? Blackjack takes a deep breath. Stealing herself to answer. They were all very nice, good, handsome men, mister knight was also a very good man. He had the hardest time of any of them. Georgia delicately wipes a tear from her eye. How long was he sick? For a long time, he hid it. He didn't want anyone to know. Black Jack sneaks a look at her hosts. They're looking at the floor. A million emotions playing across their faces. Blackjack reaches into her bag and removes the Bible. I brought this for you. Georgia gasps. That was his grandfather's Lorne loved that Bible. I read from it every day. It kept me alive. Mister knight lent it to me, and I promised I would return it to you. John reaches forward and takes the Bible. He rubs the cover, then looks at blackjack, and hands it back. You keep it. Thank you for taking care of our son. Blackjack hugs the Bible to her chest, crying. She stays with the night family for a week, sharing more details about her time on wrangel island. John and Georgia ask blackjack and Bennett to move in with them. But blackjack declines. She doesn't want to live with the constant reminders of what she went through. After surviving two years in one of earth's most desolate places, Ada blackjack is ready to move on. Ready to be a mother to Bennett and help him heal. Ready to build a better life for the two of them. Ready.

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