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Here's Alameda County Registrar. Tim Do believe in this election. If you happen to be a Livermore, and you're a resident of Alameda, you could go into a a an accessible vote location in that city, and we'll be able to produce your city of Alameda ballots so that you can vote there. So it does remove those Those geographic restrictions. But the switch to a voting center system can be tricky. When Los Angeles did it for the primary this spring, there were long voting lines because poll workers had a hard time connecting to an online database. An executive order from Governor Newsome says counties who choose the voting center model must have one for every 10,000 voters and big crowds can be a problem during the pandemic. Here's what Tim deeply says will be in place to keep Cove it from spreading at Alameda counties Vote centers. They have a ballot already that we mailed to them and they have the envelope. We're gonna have a drive. Thru drop stop where they can just hand us their ballots through the window and we'll drop it in the ballot box and we'll get there. I voted sticker if they want to vote, and they're willing to vote in their car. We call it curbside voting, so we'll be able to come up and they can ask for their ballot last in the park and will run their balance out to them when it's ready. Worst case. If they do have to come into the location. We have everything spread out. These locations are at least 2500 square feet, and everybody is going to be wearing the protective equipment. The P P E that's required will have all of the sanitizing It's necessary for those facilities and we'll limit the number of people who can actually come in. So if we have to, we will queue people up safely outside and we'll bring them in so that we don't overwhelm the inside of the facility, But we want to make sure that that's the last resort for voting. And here's what else Election officials want you to know. In California, you can register for a ballot to be mailed to you until October, 19th. After that you can register and vote in person up to and including Election day. You can already do this now, any day at your county registrar's office. You will also be able to do this at voting centers, most of which will open four days before the election on October 31st..

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