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The lead kaelin. I'm the same boat dude. Like i'm hetty i wanna see people's hearts get ripped out. This is the best part of sports misery. Especially especially at the falcons next time to fold the falcons eventual laws and with leaders. Atip going forward any game with. Tom brady involved. If you want me to watch his. Tom brady gonna get hit. And he's going to be terrible. And i'm in with dick responses from the gaps dot on the table on the table. I just wanna be route and so hard for like a kyle. Traffic touchdown drive with four minutes left. He started at the tyler. Johnson and cameron bray over year. Why are you going to be watching the next a. Gimme vikings and cardinals okay. This is another potential record-setting one channel jones five sacks against taylor. The one zero one said. Thank you for teaching me this last so appreciate it. I just learned so much of the courses experience. Well another tackling. The lessons rashad hill. Who's a starting left tackle from the vikings. He's dentistry their backups. Wonder replacement christian. Dera saw not the veteran journeyman. He's not the best fastback you've ever dog on scene so jammed. John's got five sacks against the one last week. The record is the derrick. Thomas seven sack game against seattle respect. A man named dave krieg who apparently exists. he also had a six game. I learned. I remember dave krieg. Addle did not know. Dave craig craig as dave krieg dude respect. I cannot imagine campbell ban if he if he played for the year. Two thousand and two. He's barely within my conception of football history. I read these names. I've no idea we had okay. We also six games from agent. Claymore numbers dallas. That was the The blake bell game tremendous every. How fun now is to watch right. That was a good time. What if i could tell you could get that again. Channel jones pissed off against the cardinals coming off of five sacks if he gets at least five sacks in this game firstly. he'll be legally tense accident games. That'll be hilarious. Secondly he'll be the only player besides derrick thomas with multiple five plus sacked career games. His career channa. John's perennially underrated have a huge game against reshad hill and then be less underrated and also see a for shot hill tweets about the lessons. He's learned as well. I'm in..

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