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We've been hearing for months now the crackdown in me and more against the ryan young people there are a hegna are a muslim minority in this buddhistmajority country and they've been the target of brutal attacks by men mars security forces nearly a half million people fled across the border into neighboring bangladesh and telling stories of murder arson and mass rape men mars leaders say their military campaign as a response to a row hindia rebellion the un calls the myanmar security operation ethnic cleansing today we have a story of two ryan your refugees who just arrived here in boston this week here's my wgbf colleague gabriella emmanuel less than 12 hours after landing logan airport mohammad anwar and hussain muhammad are sitting on folding chairs and their dorchester apartment it's undecorated and sparsely furnished across the wellworn table is there caseworker rahmatullah ikot he's just pulled out his cell phone good yeah so we might need your help with translation today at with loudspeakers unit apple allah nears a problem the translator speaks the wrong language burmese not reagan got the luckily iccat is himself a refugee having arrived two years ago from afghanistan and he happens to speak urged to these you do going to stick with your new urges seems to work so they get started american case look on who aci explains everything in the third floor apartment these two men share with four other refugees all muslim men they pause at the front entrance akash owes them how to unlock the door to their new home the i gotta nagano it's been a long journey to get here it started in me and mart were the two men lived in distant villages for decades the rohana have been denied citizenship and basic rights in myanmar and mohammad says at times violence consumed his village gruber gruber linford gruber ozone surrender in those years mohammed says men mars military attack to them indiscriminately killing community members he particularly remember seeing people even children thrown alive into fires both anwar and will hamad fled by boat in two thousand fifteen without their families when the men eventually reached indonesia they shared a room in.

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