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In the deep of course no seat today for the first game all season out from with starting running back will become the first chance to get things going for the cowboys rushing attack they ruined down mcfadden and watch chela for roger but they really like rod smith laura she's the guy off the back who gets the chance to be the hot and in dallas mort and drew brees in the saints team from the south on don't team some people say they don't play well and the colder and buffalo today but sean payton has been trying to remake this team for three years were they can travel they can run the ball with mark ingram alvin kamara they have a defense its wind to the football and they now believe this team is close to being weather group and they won six games to prove it does he think of when seventy getting in a row invoke will to prove that aspirin the next player jimmy garoppolo the forty nine or to targeting the week after thereby against seattle in ready to play finally for san francisco seeking starts today but keep him on more this is a team right now with a leaf wanting warned players on our any number on the air your report grabbed the offense more and more this week it looks like he is tracking to be ready for the game against seattle in a lot of tension in atlanta where he just been on offense coordinator steve turkey's the end but this week it was matt ryan last year's mvp who took accountability and had a very intense week practice strong we could practice and for people worried about you jones who did work until friday they believe that he will be atas top speed playing against the dallas cowboys in a key emcee maj of and which may ryan hopes to perform in the mvp level perry habit the story lines off the field coming up in operation football everything you know.

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