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He didn't want a traumatic brain injury. You know, the cat was 30 something years old probably could've played another five years at least, but realized how fortunate he was to escape the game without any Traumatic brain problems. So he went into the restaurant in ST He's doing great for themselves. For himself. Guys like Brady. They're cut from a different like he. He's got to be on that field, proving that he is the best. Yeah, but there's always that risk. You know that the bottom's gonna fall out and I don't even know if it matters for him like you could. He could linger around for three years into obscurity. And still, you know, not make much of an argument for him not being the greatest of all time, so maybe it doesn't matter, but as far as going out on top and really calling your shot I don't know that you could paint it any more perfectly specifically in football. You're 100%, right? And I'm not gonna lie. I'm kind of trying to make away from Matt Stafford and up in Tampa, too. So I like that s so I'll get to your calls in a row. Thank you very much for holding during the break. You know, Bridget Moynahan is an actress, and she and Tom have a child together. Tom left her. I believe he left her before he knew she was pregnant. But he definitely took up with Giselle while she was pregnant with their kid. For a lot of people that's impossible to come back or they make it impossible for that to come back from that's unforgivable. And I wouldn't tell you that you're wrong. If you're if you're a lady who's Man stepped out on you or ended the relationship while you are pregnant and then began another one while you're pregnant. I'm not here to tell you that you should forgive him or that you have to forgive him. You do what you what makes you happy? I'm here to tell you that even situations that you thought you could never come back from And be civil with someone and be friends with someone. Even after the love is gone, you can do it if you really want to. It just takes a lot. Of forgiveness and understanding. And I didn't know. Honestly, I'd never really seen her speak about their relationship, and I'd never seen him speak about it either. But after seeing this moment on television with their kid together, I say out of my son. I.

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