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Mood like us. In sin, really say much just kind of let it kind of really. We still have a lot of talk. Gotta get in the right mindset. So everybody just still trying to win games. Yeah. Man. Well, it's I mean, it's got to affect your from players different ways. I always again, I have no proof. I'm not in the room. I don't know what the real relationship like. But I always have a feeling that the BUSTER in both have like a really good thing. Together was a catcher to exactly and they both understand like had 'em and botchy, you know, helping BUSTER when he first came up because you could tell obviously BUSTER with special right away, you knew right away. And just BUSTER kind of handling those staffs. He had over the years. Just great arms and every guy was different member. For a while you guys it was a big thing about Lindsay. I'm like not throwing the BUSTER. And how do we handle that like Tim russert Hector Sanchez Hector was his catch Hector caught one of the no hitters? I think he definitely taught the second one. I yeah. Yeah. I know and BUSTER did catch the one in San Diego. I guess I think he did. He have to double check that. We'll chat Bonnie, Judy. Got that one. How let me look. Okay. We'll look into it. All right. Let's go back to what we're getting bombarded. Now is people only want to talk about bocce when talking about climate fences careful now, we're gonna have Christmas tree stories do more or less. You see where it goes? And we'll go back to the boat sound you have more sound, plenty more. I 'cause we trust. Mike. Mike's one of our good ones. My consumer fell you're on the Murph and MAC show with copes and body Joel climbing fences, go. Mac. This is one for the ages. This is the only time they were able to beat up elder, brother. Okay. He sees climbing offense in nineteen seventy seven climbing, the fence gets his pants caught on the top link of the spent right, right? Paul's on disarms breaks both arms. She's got arms and a cat who'd around nineteen seventy seven and my brother could sell ice to an eskimo. Yeah. Finagle his way down to the field that the raiders preseason game. And he gets the raiders sign one cast and the Cowboys to sign the other cats. All right, while your brother is as a triple OG, Mike. Thank you for the phone. Call culpa can't stop them the fence climbing coming in like like ball, the greenhouse. He broke both arms. That's tough. Yes. It was Hector TIMMY and both of them. Yeah. Interesting. I'm just saying like the bigger saving. I think I was trying to make because I've always had a feeling that BUSTER in bocce have had like a good thing. I always feel like Boetsche in Baumgart have a good thing. There was a moment. You know after that game the wildcard game in New York. By the way to how 'bout that a wildcard game in New York. Don't forget about it. Because Bumgarner went out there. What do you need nine? I got it. I'll give you nine. Well, you need nine shutout. I got it. Both just give me the rock. Let me take care of this. So there he goes he goes up. And there was a great picture. I don't know if you guys remember this. I actually might have it on my phone. I love this picture so much vote. She came out and through his too big, bulky paws right on Bumgarner shoulders, and they were just like and Bumgarner had a huge smile on his duty pitch Syndergaard that they went to the pen. They they dipped to the pen. See you wonder if you wonder going forward what that how that'll be handled. Like if bomb Lord is working on like a seven inning great game. A in game one hitter to hit or whatever one game. Do you pull that lever and put a relief pitcher in there to finish? That was see. There's votes rights go finish on Madison. So Paul you put me on something last week, you found that classic SF giants YouTube page. Dude. I did it dude S. What's it called quite solid? Classic SF giants. It's a YouTube page, and basically what they do is. They throw up entire games from the seventies and eighties, so cool marshalls included. So it's on YouTube. So I have YouTube on TVs, right? So I'm like, dude, I'm gonna dial up a game the other day. And I it's wins and losses some good some bad. It's just a a slew of random games. I throw one up there. And it's a it's Atlee hamburger on the last day of the season like nineteen eighty five eighty four nine whatever it is. But he walked with the first three batters of the game. And they came out and talked to him. Let them go talk to him second. And let them go. You just let the guy worked through it. Now giants got smoked giants lost. But the pitcher stayed in a game. Even after facing the lineup two or three. I got you a different mentality really was and spiders US something to just wanted to touch on one other relationship. I think of when I when I think of boats he is his relationship with Pablo Sandoval. Yes. Good one boat. She's not the only manager that Pablo's played for because he had. His stint with Boston or whatever. But I think those two are as close as any giant as any to giants in this whole run questioned. Remember panda honored him coaching corps recently. Yes, that's right. That speech. Yeah. Now, that's a good one spider. I'm glad you brought that up, and you can see the way Pablo Sandoval Pablo Sandoval is a guy went to do a lot of growing up. And he did we all do. Right. We're all you all everybody matures. And you learn some lessons along the way. And it always felt like when he came back after Boston like he was really appreciative of just who Bruce Bochy is. And the post said, let's give this guy. Let's let's bring them back for another another run here. And don't forget public him up as a catcher. So maybe there's some there's some of that too there to yes, no question. Listen more phone calls on the other side, eight away can't be are you want to obviously the fence jumping thing. I had no idea. It was like big setting a match to a, you know, a bail. A hey, everybody wants a piece of but also Bruce Bochy memories or just feelings thoughts. You have on the king. We'll do that on the other side on kmby or six eighty first Cup. You handle some baseball. Ray.

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