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That gary did with the late jack welch at south by southwest two thousand fifteen enjoy. Well hello everybody. I welcome to the the brawl and hall five going to try to keep it under control pure. I'm susie welsh on my right. Is jack welsh and on my left gary v. these are two guys who need no introduction whatsoever. So i think i'll just plunge in. We are asking you to send us your questions. Also you can see information up there. Ask real ceos. I think is the hashtag. So let's just start off sort of a brief if you guys state of the union right. It's it's twenty fifteen and the people who are in. This audience are interested in starting businesses. Getting funding hiring great people crushing the competition. Yes especially crushing the competition. If you were sitting in a bar as you want to do with any of the people in this audience what would you tell them really really excites you about the future. And what is scaring the living daylights. Addio gary you're gonna always being polite here. Nothing scares me and As far as what excites me is that clearly the internet's promise over the last twenty years is squeezing out the middle of anybody who doesn't bring value to me. What i feel is happening and that we're also lucky to be living through right now is it feels like there's more meritocracy right. If you've got the chops there is an editor. There isn't a decision maker. there isn't somebody who's stopping you because the platform of the internet people to really go direct to consumer. There's no more man. there's no more machine. Yeah especially man right like like. I hate like man right. Yeah and you're saying you really believe there's no more machine so nothing scares you look. I'm an optimist. I mean vladimir putin scares me you know. Ishmael baucus scares me. Scare me from a business sense. Total optimism gary jack. You know what scares me is having an idea. I mean more and more young people and say i want to be an entrepreneur. I said why. Don't you damn idea i d. I want to be an entrepreneur. Manufacture it entrepreneur. You gotta have something to have this. He says jobs. And you gotta have something of value something you need. I want to be known for a grip. I speed you. All these fancy colleges all over the world trade rates. They wanted to be an entrepreneur. Get an idea okay. So let's say they have an idea. Okay then the hard part by what are the two big pieces of advice you would give somebody who's got an idea and wants to be an entrepreneur. Not everyone can be one water. The what the two pieces of advice you give somebody. Gary will first of all the jacks right but the for me. We're seeing so many. I see so much early stage startup stuff and the truth is you know ideas or commoditised. A lot of people got the same ideas a ton of ideas or street. Shit right and so. There's that problem i. I think the more stunning thing is. I've seen a ton of people were tremendous ideas that have no idea how to actually execute. I think the single biggest thing that i would tell people that i think. There's a huge disconnect between their idea and the audience trying to serve the lack of pulse of knowing who. You're trying to serve who you're trying to sell to value proposition value proposition. Right and the advice you give over and over again you get people to talk about stuff that don't say it's like everybody wants to go to china in my day. That'd be in china. they don't need you. What are you bringing different. Why are you bringing in so you and china's a great place if you've got something the chinese dumping news if you're coming over there with a badge of crap you nothing's going to happen. No matter how many billion people and check this by the way like not just fucking china right like everybody like when you bring shit. I love when people at gary. I really need your marketing. I'm like no shit. Your product fucking blows right. So i think my children are watching. This is just getting started. You got fifty five minutes of this all right so you tell them. Get a proper Approaches you all right but you to build a team while you're at it all right. You got to hire somebody gary. You're hiring a lot of people. Jack you had four hundred thousand people working for you one point. What are you looking for when you're s four hundred thousand. What are the qualities you're looking for. There's a lot of smart people out there not smart hungry. Energize people that can energize others excite others. Make the case for where you're going to get that get people following you in hungry you. What hungry people you want. People with their nose against the glass. Smart passionate hungry willing to take the hill. That's what you want. we all want anybody else game. I'm obsessed with self awareness right. Somebody who knows themselves. I think is a real value to me. Because jack's right and he's talking about leaders and we've got plenty of those that i love those people but you know truth is especially for a younger generation. We're in this point. Now where work life balance or how. Much money actually is needed for you as an individual. Everybody in your to actually get you the happy place. What else do you value so to me if you show me somebody who's self aware. Even if they're self aware that there are b minus in a big machine. Their spots for a lot of different players. Do you find out if somebody self-aware ask them. Are you self aware for me. I watch it in their behavior right. I mean some people walk in there like gary. I really think that i should be an sbp. And i'm like. I think you should be fucking fired and so so i think that. I think that there's people their actions day in and day out. Listen i think with no question right now especially in the world where people are are talking to the world. There's a lot more communication right. Employees can talk the world. Not just inside their own buildings. I think that the hr dna of an organization has never been more valuable. The human resources to me is that the top now not an afterthought check box. I'm telling you. This is what i feared the most about this. You guys are going to agree to much. Because jackie also think look. It's a longtime people painted on hr but hr's all important is no book where we're pitching real hard pitch rake up. Hi get the finance insurance. The badge the crap out even h i truly be people development careers life style. Everything and this is a big deal. Hr is always the bathwater back in the last thing to hire. You may have a picnic in the birthday with the rest is crap and so you really want to just focus on that. Not a bunch of stuff around badges insurance..

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