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Joining me now. I glass father todd. Pyro welcome to first-class fatherhood. Thanks for having me. I love the dad. And i'm sure i'm gonna love being a first-class father. Allegedly is what. I'm being called. Although i i don't know if i'm first question i'm kind of i'm trying. Yeah i'm new at well and this show your first. Last father's let's start started right here. How many kids do you have. How old one. Eight months. And i love every second of it yeah. That's that's awesome sight now. Did you guys did you guys have. Did you do any kind of gender reveal to find out what you have you all the way to the end to find out now. We did it. He didn't do one of the ones that you see on social media. We just got a cake in front of close group of family My family was on the phone. Her family was in the room. We opened it up so that it was a girl. And i've been madly in love ever since very cool. Yeah that took me four tries. We had three boys before we ended up getting a girl. So you got the girl right right off the hillbilly there you guys all run it right back to you want and done here. No i you know. I'm hoping we run right back but isn't a girl awesome. Like i am a boy. I have experienced with boys. I understand how boys operate. But there's something special about girls. Yeah i'm loving it. Yeah she's just about to turn seven here so She's my baby in the house. Here dot if you could please take a minute here to hit my listeners with a little bit about your background what you do Grew up in jersey. You know that differentiates me from literally. Nobody who works here at fox. Half the people are from jersey. Half the people are from long island. But so i'm i'm in good company Because i grew up across the river which college new hampshire Always had done internships and tv and radio. But so i had to go to law school. So i went to law school Ucla california los angeles out there for about twelve years total. I practice before after the three years. A law school then my first tv job. I got when i was thirty years old. In palm springs california. I loved bounce breaks Punishments was freaking awesome Loved it but at the end of the day. I miss my family back on the east coast so moved back and i got a job at nbc connecticut Met my wife there. Although i didn't know what the time she didn't know it at the time that would have been weird better on day one. I called her my wife. I don't think she would be my wife We met we've been together ever since and then in two thousand seventeen got this gig and then Then at fox you said. Since i june may june of twenty seventeen and Yeah the. The baby came in november of last year. And it's crazy. That was a wild time in my life because obviously the election twenty twenty election was just insane in. I basically just been named a morning anchor. A fox and friends first that show that that's on for four to six. Am eastern every day that every weekday would just. What i anchor with a lovely gillian. Mealy so we have that. We decided to buy a house because we knew we were having a baby. You want also be closer to my in-laws So buying houses is a horrible experience in and of itself buying in the course of a pandemic another horrible experience. While you're trying to you're basically about to pop and by you. I mean your wife and then just to top that off. I literally got cova I didn't have any symptoms. I was so good but you can't do anything when you have. Koga your wife's about to give birth so just an absolutely wild time. I don't know if anything thinking crazier than that's on in my life but you know i'm sure as a father you'll tell me it will get crazier a loughry's i'll tell you it'll get better a lot better. That's that's what i would say but Yeah what a what a crazy introduction into fatherhood now obviously you know during a pandemic it had to be different your experience with this. Were you able to be in the room where you able to go all the appointments. Obviously when you had covert not but we able to be a part of it for the most part They really try to limit it I didn't have a lot of interaction with doctors. Only certain doctors appointments. And then unfortunately when you get coded a week before the kids born. They don't allow you in the hospital. So i did miss the birth and that's something that You know trying to make up for lost time on but Yeah that was the toughest part of. Kobe was the mental. Because i missed the birth. And that'll be with the rest of my life so When i decided to do as i have a tradition now that i started With the baby that we have the first day that i was able to hold her Which was significantly after the birth. And so that's going to be our day. I have a little thing that i do with her. And i'm going to continue doing this until she tells me. Dad stop it. I'm too old for this now. Which i'm hoping is never and i'm hoping we can do this up until via the first dance at a wedding many many years from now. Yeah well really great stuff taught. And i know you got six weeks. Maternity leave their from fox. What was that like for you. What was that. Experience like to get the six weeks and had to becoming a dad kind of change your perspective on life. I'll it was great. I really took advantage of it to kind of learned how to do this part of being a father. I'd be naive. I said oh. I took six weeks and i learned how to be debt. You know as well as i you learn stuff every day and i. I think my dad is still learning Even though i'm forty three years old how to be a dad this is the users. Learn along the way but it was awesome. I mean that time is invaluable. And all my bosses. Here were so supportive. They they basically they made me take it. But when i was on the fence like should i take the whole i guess take. You'll never get this opportunity again to bond with this child. And it was an unbelievable bonding experience. It was it was beautiful And you know. I mean mistakes You know man. I i have trouble trouble listening. I don't listen very well. So i'm sure my wife told me a bunch of things to do and i ignored half of them. But you know the kid made it out. We bonded and You know. I think that bonding really has carried through to now because Yeah i know. Fathers and daughters have a special bond. But but we definitely have a special bond. And i'm pretty sure last night. In fact i was able to force her to say data which means i win which means i got that. Is there before mom. But don't tell my wife. I don't wanna get in trouble with her very cool. Yeah now how about a store. Is your schedule works now. You knew to four to six in the morning. How has that kind of blended in with having the The newborn in the house. And all that. Have you been able to work out a good schedule or do you stay up earlier. How does that kind of work out with shift that you got two words or one word with a hyphen in-laws They've been amazing They have just shouldered the load because my wife also works nights. She's a news anchor there in connecticut but her shift is is the night shift. She has the the the evening shift during the night. Casts the newscasts. They are night. So i do the morning she does. He can't leave the kid by herself. Typhus department of children and families. Frowns upon that so my in laws have just been amazing. I hang out with her. And then when i go to bed i dropped her off at the end of my in-laws work workday. They take her at any. They're hoping out. But let's face it grandparents love to see the little ones and She's a pretty good one so dropping her off there. She smiles until basically she goes to bed. Kids give a little push back at bedtime but once you get past that it's fun for them and we're we're in a good stretch now where she's really sleeping through the night. I would say five to six days a week. She sleeping through the night entirely so It's it's it's a lot of smiles and giggles right now and so you not asking my laws to shoulder too much of a burden right now..

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