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From the former vice president well I think Texas is much more in play than what a lot of people in other parts of the nation believe former candidates Pete JJB clover shore who both dropped out of the race this week endorsing Biden at the events what's a democratic rally in Texas though without some opposition this woman and her husband telling president trump G. shorts from the parking lot I'm gonna do everything in my power to keep my state read both parties encouraging a high voter turnout this super Tuesday in Dallas Clayton level W. B. A. P. new suit for port police cars were found riddled with bullets and the department wants some answers fort worth police say they staged several police cars in areas around the city to advertise recruiting efforts and promote driver safety officer Tracy Carter says they were hurt to see two of the cars vandalized by gunfire as a police officer it's also set back but that doesn't mean that we're not going to get through it we want to be a department as community oriented our goal is to still get out there and speak to the community develop relationships with the community if you have any information for worth police are urging you to contact them Kaplan's I. R. W. B. A. P. news grapevine police have arrested a former Lewisville ISD volleyball coach for allegedly sexually assaulting a child Amanda McNew with the grapevine police says forty five year old Anthony Clark is facing second degree charges for allegedly sexually assaulting a fifteen year old at the time when it's not happened over twenty years ago Texas business closing numbers on Wall Street the Dow closed up one thousand to ninety four nasdaq was up by three hundred ninety five points S. and P. five hundred up by one thirty six right now sixty eight in downtown Dallas from the WBAP news desk on the key breaks your next update at eight thirty twenty four seven coverage at W. B. A. P. dot com this is the news welcome to twenty eight and ninety nine five and then the city to start date twenty what we can't leave Joseph R. Biden is now the Democrats apparent last hope Joseph R. Biden he died trip he actually performed tremendously in South Carolina Joe Biden literally getting I think you got forty eight percent of the vote verses Sanders got twenty at least twenty points slash and meanwhile mayor Pete is out and any culture is out there were people in fort worth crying I am not kidding you they were crying because mayor Pete dropped out here we go here's a lady she's crying I'm devastated.

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