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I was like, oh, well, this is convenient cost-effective all the good things. And I did stop on the way to to because I told the cabdriver I was like I have to p real badly, and I just beat in the street. So this was a different time in my life. Different time. There's definitely like like there's a before. And after in your life like p in the street. I don't like. Switch. I don't know. Should be on the other side my neighborhood yesterday, two pm guy affects guy unzipped and just start his in the street. I'm like we are. Keenest can do that. I p random place just like, but if you like when you see a groping in the street, you're like something has gone wrong in her, you know. You know? Go. A guy I guess it could be nine o'clock on Tuesday. Starbucks wouldn't let me use it. So right. I. Coming up. What do you want to do? If you're like squat. That's bad. That's way, more alley squat anywhere. Outing is the squatting Japan's around your ankles like something in life has gone catastrophically were on not just like you have a full bladder. I was wearing a dress. That's why I was. That's why I was easy like into it a little bit more. But I mean, like the pain is excruciating a certain age. What are you gonna do long-term damage? I have healthcare at the time. Thank you. Fuck done very response. Yeah. Exactly responsible. Yeah. Very very classy respectful in the street. Doctors would be proud. I'm already in Brooklyn. I'm not worried about class down. Hell things have already gone already upset with myself. Is still from Brooklyn. If you. Brad. Roommate who ironically were Cape around the house, and that was that was the end of. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I was done and some sort of like real life superhero type shit or fashions fashion. He had a band would also dress a little bit lake nonce to Morgan Mindy. But if you still my mirror on measurement Duquesne off put it back put it back. You know, it's a full length mirror. Put a bed only full length mirrors cop. Wear cape. Cape off reasonable here. Plate. What are we doing here? Just seems seems like way too much to carry around the level of disrespect was just like. That was done that was Brooklyn. Now Brooklyn story, I feel like that's enough for me to write off a whole borough enough for me right off like a whole species. Like, I'm done with humans. Do there's one person like this out on Brooklyn right off New Zealand is just like way out there. Is fun to me. Your do. Yeah. He's a bundle. He's he's. Jail not like been arrested onto times. I never did. J E overnight city been like. One two three couple of Jalen like five. I've never been to jail. Yes. You've been given. Until you who have been to prison would not like me saying I've been to prison if I did. Been a jail jails different prison you've never done like a the judge sentencing. You to prison you've done like been locked behind fucking five five five four four times three times under eighteen those those are sealed what is. Can I okay? Secretaries to make those public. What the fuck you did? Wow. Have you ever been? Now, no jail from it yet. Yes. Complaining go you. Where are like my high school is so weird. Really? I'm show when I meet people who Z drinking. You gotta go this guy. He went to boarding school. He was living on his. Oh. Just like normal person like drinking doing all sorts of weird show when you were way too young. Okay. Well, now now, we feel bad. And there was a silence. Don't ever. All right. Well, we gotta it up here. What are you guys running hot about? You wanna talk about? I'm not even sure. Sports or something. Good. Pass it over. That was the show I of the prostitute. Thank you good night. Talk about I don't know. I talked about the hot Irish time on that. I already did it today because it was just in Bieber. So the other thing, I we I mean, I like to talk about aliens, the X files serial killers. That's. Manson, very unsafe. Thing the rib thing that oh that he took her about to suck.

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