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These other timid. Tom's these imposters bringing them into it. If I were either of them I I know I have no stake in this. I limited differed room altogether but ah I also feel like if they're at least somewhat normal they'll of course side with you and be like no she shouldn't have had sex in your room in the first place. And that certainly is not a reason to swap it. She could also offer. Well look if you if we swap rooms homes then all of a sudden. This isn't a special places the same old place where you know you're doing your day to day thing. How about as a compromise? Every six months you get to have sex in my room. Why would why would she says Das- A as a compromise? I mean she. They did offer that I would kick her out of the apartment. It's fine it's fine. Everything's Fine Tim if you what is your bedroom Ed Room. I would have done everything I could to kick you out of that apartment. Well guess what I don't know why you would have. Yeah I a game of hide and seek. He was sexy hide and seek. Yeah Yeah I'm due mainly I just read that one because I'm angry. Also Alan is you look. I don't WanNa get too logistics here. But how far could things have gotten in a closet. You don't have. It could be a walk in closet. She did say was. There's a wardrobe. Yeah I don't know what a wardrobe is see. I'm thinking of a wardrobe like you buy it I- Kia were like. It's not even big enough to stand right so I'm just thinking in light not that much get a really happening. There could have been that special. But you're right if it was like a walk in closet. That's the sky's the limit as to what could have happened in there. Yeah UH put mouse traps. That goes without saying yeah steph would put traps or the glue traps. Yeah we're both Wolf. Yeah that cover all your bases snap them up and stick them to the floor and then when you get home and the new. Oh Yeah I think it is salt. ATM thanks a lot on that one..

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