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State hitting the pause button on counties in the state moving to phase for right now. Here's the reason the governor and health secretary John Wiseman say, rising Koba 19 cases all across the state, and the continued spread make it impossible to goto face for which would mean no restrictions. And they say the best thing Washingtonians Khun do to slow. The spread is toe where the facial coverings and maintain physical distancing and good hygiene practices. And in the tri cities. Only about half the people were finding out surveyed were seen wearing mask this past week. In fact, almost Carleen Johnson says cases of covert 19 of shot up this month in that area with hospitalizations doubling from just a few weeks ago, Ben Franklin Health District, telling the Tri City Herald, they plan to start conducting weekly surveys to see if people are becoming more compliant. Now that masks are mandatory Health district says the ongoing rise and community spread boils down to personal behavior with too many people not wearing face coverings and not staying home. Dr. Chloe Bryson Khan is an infectious disease expert at Harborview, My family and my friends that I'm wearing my mask to protect you when I see you and to protect other people in the grocery store. In a couple of days leading up to developing symptoms People actually can shed quite a bit of virus of the state Health Department has said they want to see more people in the tri cities wearing masks as they consider Benton and Franklin County applications to move to phase two of re opening businesses and allowing small gatherings. Carleen Johnson. Come. Oh news comma New Sunday. We're watching closely as we've mentioned through the morning that the city will make attempts here to prepare to remove the barricades at chop on Capitol Hill. This morning and now the West Precinct of the Seattle Police Department downtown Seattle if you drive by covered in plywood, but this one has not been abandoned after a night of demonstrations. It was very busy there on Friday night troubling situation. Like Solan is the president of the Seattle Police Officers Guild. He says he worries about the West Precinct because it houses the 911 communication center. He doesn't want. What happened at the East Precinct toe happen here. How can we provide number one services across the city? If we don't have the less lethal tools needed to hold a violent.

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