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Us and them type of thing out of the process? It'd be politics, but the intensity won't be as great as it is right now house Bill seven oh six pests the house on a vote of two teen to one Twenty-three with bipartisan support. After Wednesday's hearing the Senate election in missile affairs committee is expected to vote on it next week. Kevin bow for the public news service. Facing the possibility of fines for paperwork errors organizers of voter, registration drives and civil rights advocates are furious over a new law in Tennessee that they said discourages them from getting minorities and college students to take part in American democracy. They call the new law likely the first in the country to find groups for too many incomplete registration forms and a front one of the most basic civil rights enjoyed by Americans. Some also say they won't let us stop them from doing important work. I just can't see us saying, well, we're not going to any longer. Register people to vote said Terry Freeman who's the president of the national civil rights museum in Memphis, Tennessee, the museum which incorporates the Lorraine motel where Martin Luther King junior was assassinated into his ex exhibits will continue helping people sign up on. It's free. Tennessee residents Mondays and during events Freeman said the law signed by Tennessee governor Bill Lee yesterday threatens fines for one hundred or more incomplete registration forms than a year and criminal penalties for other infractions. A federal lawsuit filed against the state immediately. After the Bill signing said it could force four voter registration groups to scale back or shut down those services in the state, the end of Lacey, pe-, Tennessee and three others made that prediction in their federal lawsuit. Arguing the new laws so poorly spelled out that it creates an unacceptable risk that they will be subject to arbitrary and discriminatory law enforcement voting rights advocates Democrats argued the law would suppress minorities and other voters, however there outcry failed to stop the Republican dominated legislation from passing the Bill. According to that Brennan. Center for Justice at New York university's school of law since two thousand ten twenty five states of past voting restrictions experts say the pace accelerated in some states after a two thousand thirteen US supreme court decision set aside, a key provision of the federal Voting Rights Act that enabled the federal government to require certain states and counties with a history of discrimination to submit electoral changes for approval. Hiring jumped in April as US employers added two hundred sixty three thousand jobs, a strong gain. That suggests businesses have shrugged off any concerns. The economy may slow this year. The Labor Department says the unemployment rate fell to a new five decade low of three point six percent now that drop partly reflected in increase in the number of Americans who stopped looking for work average, hourly pay rose three point two percent from the previous year a healthy game though unchanged from the previous month. April figures show that hiring that solid economic growth is still encouraging robust. Hiring nearly a decade into the economy's recovery. From the great recession. The expansion is set to become the longest in history in July. Kevin McNally reports the US labor markets continues to go from strength to strength. The two hundred sixty three thousand new jobs family beats analysts expectations of a hundred nine hundred thousand unemployment jump to three point six percent. The lowest rates in forty nine years. However, the full was launch Li Ju to a large number of people leaving. The labor force in the month of April wage data showed average earnings grew. That's an annual rate of three point two percent slightly lower than expected. The retail industry continues to suffer heavy losses. Shedding thirty thousand jobs in twenty nineteen alone. Kevin Michalis, Washington an organization representing four hire drivers. In New York City says its members will go on to our strike against Uber and lift ahead of Uber's planned. Initial public stock offering the New York City tax sick taxi workers alliance. As members voted not to drive for Uber or lift between seven and nine a m next Wednesday morning. San Francisco based Uber is aiming to raise nine billion dollars in its initial public offering on Thursday drivers and other US cities are planning a work stoppage on Wednesday to demand a minute. Wage. The four native American members of congress are co sponsoring a bipartisan Bill to increase the focus on addressing the issue of missing and murdered native. American women aren't Hughes reports one of the main goals of the not invisible act of twenty nineteen is to establish an advisory committee on violent crime. It would be made up of tribal leaders, violent crimes Veivers law enforcement officials and others. The panel would make recommendations to the department of Justice on ways to fight murder sexual assault and trafficking of native Americans and Alaskan natives would also establish a new position in the bureau of Indian affairs for managing violent crime prevention efforts among various federal agencies in a written. Release Representative David's of Kansas said the Bill helps address an issue that she says has devastated native communities and has been neglected far. Too long. David's a democrat is co-sponsoring the Bill along with fellow democrat. Deborah holland. From New Mexico and Oklahoma Republican Tom Cole and Mark Mullen with national news. I'm art Hughes plan this weekend across the country to honor and raise awareness of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls China lock it reports for national native news on the plans for rapid city. South Dakota, nearly one year ago the city of rapid city proclaimed may fifth as gave awareness for missing and murdered native women and girls the red ribbon skirt society has been working to draw awareness victims, does is a co founder of the group will you're actually on our point now in our wariness campaign, but we really need to look at going beyond that and educating people in our community, the right skirt society recently opened a permanent healing center where people can pray and remember lost ones. This space is the first of its kind and recognizes more than seventy South Dakota, indigenous women, children and two spirited victims. Mendoza says people from all backgrounds are invited to recognize the day of awareness. What we're looking at is doing more outreach into far beyond our native community. And so we're welcoming in spiritual leaders clergy from all different sectors of denominations to come in and share prayer with us, KOTA spiritual leader is speaking in the healing center for the event along with crazy members from an episcopal church synagogue and person who follows Buddhism Mendoza says they will help lead a prayer for victims followed by a moment of silence. She says acknowledging the high number of victims is an ongoing process the red ribbon skit society has been working on educating the community fair projects like the why campaign that's a visual arts project that displays. Mt. Dresses, representing missing and murdered women. We were able to put up an exhibit at the city school administration building here in rapid city. And so there is a red dress exhibit out in the lobby. Their day of awareness is scheduled for Sunday. I'm trying to lock it in rapid city and executive for the company proposing the keystone excel oil pipeline from Canada's oil sands to the US says it has missed this year's contract construction season due to court delays TransCanada executive vice president Paul Miller made the statement during an earnings call today with analysts the company also announced it was changing its name to TC Energy Corporation plans to begin construction of the long delayed pipeline got blocked last November what a federal judge in Montana ordered additional environmental reviews of the project. President Trump has been trying to push through. He is you'd a new permit for keystone last month, the eight billion dollar pipeline would carry up to eight hundred thirty thousand barrels of crude. Oil daily along route stretching from Canada to Nebraska, you're listening to the evening news, KPFA, Berkeley, KPFK, Los Angeles, KFC Fresno, online at KPFA dot org..

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