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With them deputy attorney general's steams memo faqih you work with director comey for some time did you ever have a conversation as a superior director comey with his failure to perform on some of these aki accusations that he wasn't running the fbi in a good way of that somehow the fbi was is is in turmoil did you have any conversations with director comey about this subject i did not so you're his his superior and there were some fairly harsh things said about director comey you never thought it was appropriate to raise those concerns before he was actually terminate the president are i did not do so on a on memoranda was prepared by the deputy attorney general on who evaluated his form performance noted sincere serious problems with it one them and you agreed with those are grade with those in fact our senator tomorrow we talked about it even before i was confirmed in before he was confirmed it's something that we both agreed to that a fresh start at the fbi was probably the best they chase again seems a little i could understand if you talked about that before you came on you had a a chance for fresh start there was no fresh start suddenly were in the midst of the investigation and would timing that seems a little peculiar the so senator war here don't take it all the way out the leave within a little bit underneath me senator warren here's explaining or trying to get jeff sessions to explain why he did not communicate with fbi director call me we as it proceeded to call me termination win the acting a deputy attorney general was the one who actually issued the memoranda as to why call me should be like oh the easy answer to this for those of us that have been watching is that mr sessions had recused himself of all things pertaining to the russian investigation that included mr call me as the invest gator of that investigation from the fbi.

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