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Hour. Sponsored by zoom. Conferencing are Matt piper. Sixteen states have decided to chew the Trump administration over its national emergency declaration last week when he announced it Mr. Trump suspected this would happen. They will sue us and the ninth circuit. Even though it shouldn't be there, and we will possibly get a bad ruling. And then we'll get another bad ruling, and then will end up in the supreme court. The multi-state lawsuit represents the first and most significant legal challenge to the president's controversial proclamation to date CBS news. Correspondent Nancy Cortez reports. Democrats will introduce a joint resolution of disapproval as early as next week. Even if the house and Senate passed that joint resolution aimed at repealing the president's emergency declaration. It's unlikely to do much more than send that's because the president's aides say he'll veto the resolution his first official vetoed of his presidency. Meantime, the president urged nNcholas Medeiros military regime in Venezuela to allow humanitarian aid into the country and reiterated that all options are on the table. Here's correspondent Errol Barnett who traveled with Mr. Trump, Florida international university administration's priority right now, they say is to get humanitarian aid in already. Over the weekend shipments of aid from the US was sent to Colombia and it's sitting right now on the border between Colombia and Venezuela this upcoming weekend. The administration expects there to be a major effort with volunteers on both sides of the border there to get that humanitarian aid in and help those hundreds of thousands of people who could potentially die on the heels of lists coming out last week of priests accused of child sex abuse and diocese here in the US. The Vatican drops another bombshell correspondent, Joe Rica Dunkin for the first time the Vatican has admitted it has secret internal guidance for priests who father children about Akin's spokesman told the New York Times document lays out suggestions for the clerics aimed at protecting the child it comes after the Catholic church in Ireland released the first public outline for those priests. Could we know the why the story of jussie smollet has seemingly been crumbling since the weekend and CBS affiliate W BB MTV? Chicago reports that the actor was upset after a racist letter addressed to him and sent to the empire set did not get a bigger reaction. CBS's dean Reynolds reports it comes on the heels that song smell. It has seemingly only met with the Chicago PD once there was no law enforcement interview with small today. And none has been scheduled his attorneys say they will maintain what they call an active dialogue with the police on his behalf. This is CBS news, zoom video conferencing, featuring video and audio clarity with screen sharing. Free. Accounts are available at zoom dot US. That's zoom dot US, zoom video conferencing, ever wonder, why.

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