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A good idea just because no matter like the tumults going on behind the scenes at the film i think kathleen kennedy is doing a really great job bringing like good quality star wars films to the to the big screen for sure i'm also honestly not sure disney would wanna lose feige at mar level did i mean like right that makes so much money for them not the star wars isn't but who'd want to be responsible for the idea of making that decision in possibly messing things up of but it let's move on to greta gerwig who you know directed one of my favorite films of last year i excited for anything she is going to do i wanna see any movie she's going to make away she's making little women hey don't hate on little woman peter i okay i've never read the book but i've seen i wanna say it probably seen three film at a patient's of little women in out maybe it's just not for me i maybe i'm not the target demographic for little women put it to meet before we you you tell us what we know it kind of disappoints me that not that she's doing a film adaptation of something that i don't care about that's fine because i want to see someone make me care about it it's i guess i'm just wanting to you know there's been like dozens of little women adaptations i wish she was doing something more original right yeah and it's there's been like a million there's even two little animated by the way which i find hilarious but greta gerwig is currently apparently being wooed by tristar pictures to direct little men after her new big splashy solo troll debut with lady bird which want her a bunch of accolades and is making her like one of the hottest new directors in hollywood and a lot of people were sort of helping or expecting gregory do another original film but i think little man is actually a good bet for her just because at its heart it's a coming of age film and it will also possibly reunite her with her lady berg stars socia ronin and timothy shallow may who are currently up circling the roles of first issue ronin joe march who is the protagonist the strong headed through feminist writer of the book and a shallow may would play laurie laurie who is a the he was played by christian bale in the ninety four version was kind of the childhood friend slash dream dream boat character of the series and there's really a list slate of actors who are on the other roles including meryl streep emma stone and a florence pew so it seems like the cast if if this were to happen and being placed would be credible incredible and the combination of that and got a gerwig at the helm makes it seem like a really exciting attestation not to mention the fact that this will reportedly be a retelling of the classic novel and not just a straight adaptation so they're begum was retail modern day can event dan and the based on the fact that it's a telling as they say and a lot of these actresses and actors are older than the characters are in the original novel i get the feeling that i might be a modern day remake of the louisa may alcott book okay i got to take this opportunity to ask you a question hd because i think almost every female i have known in my entire life has liked little women it's kind of like the phantom of the opera and little women are like that like i don't know why but it seems like every woman loves those two things so me on a little women why why why why should i be excited other than you know the people involved here so little woman was one of my favorite books as a kid i read it i think the first time in like fourth or fifth grade and it just really appeals to i think the reason it feels is so many women is that is just so specifically about that female experience even though it set in the civil war era and is basically a time period that we're not familiar with a lot of the struggles and pain and the grief of coming of age and i love it's all there and people really relate to that like despite being a period piece that feels like it would be stuffy it's actually really heartwarming and universal in the.

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