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But it might be actually something to do with the virus and how it attaches in the upper. What will in the throat in the mouth? What are we waiting to know as well? Because I know you've been looking at the global situation with your work. What are we waiting to figure out or find out? We're really waiting on two things. The first is whether the infection could be milder. And so far, we don't have any good evidence that that's the case, but we have fairly small numbers in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. The second thing, of course, is how well the vaccines hold up. So we know that we need the booster doses to get a high level of protection. And we're very much hoping that they will provide a very high level of protection against more severe outcomes. But we don't know that definitively, yet we'll have to be a week or two more data to be able to know that certain. Claire, anything that you're doing differently now that you could share with us, perhaps how you're thinking about the next 5 days? Well, certainly, over the last week, we canceled any Christmas party. I pulled out of any Christmas events that I would have gone to with extreme reluctance. I have to say, I was desperate to go some Christmas parties. So that's all those for some time I've not bonded to any event or not met anybody without doing a lateral photo first and ask them to do a lateral flow test too to ensure that at least the best of all our knowledge, nobody's carrying carrying the virus, and I think that's a critical thing. And the same over Christmas or the family will do a lateral flow test before we all meet. To ensure that nobody is carrying the virus. There are of course those who are just saying, you know, I didn't have a good Christmas last year and there's nothing that's going to get in the way this year, regardless..

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