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If you're just tuning in. I'm gonna make you feel bad. Make you feel like you should have been from six thirty in the morning Courtney Cronin. Gave us a pretty good breakdown of the Vikings Minneapolis, and they're good. They're good. And then gymnasts came on and just Jomon, Jim charm, the pants off me as he normally will probably was walking around without pants. Well, not figuratively. Yes. Nance has that kind of power. He's got the charm did in the middle of it all we were able to slide in Jeremy because there's nothing more depressing than the giants these days and yet Affeldt was able to make it enjoyable. You know, it makes it got wonder late at night when he's alone with his thoughts. I wonder if Jeremy Affeldt will show up on the Murph and MAC is there's no way to really predict stuff like that you have to wait and see what we're getting into that stretch. Now football season. It's thanksgiving. It's Murph and MAC anytime. We'll see where it all goes. We'll see buddy. And then mayo and Schefter back tobacco boom and drink book plowed through it in one sitting did you have I not lowest three and a half hour read you had a three and a half hour clips, we can we can see her again tell you my story after we hook Barbara Bob, Bob, Bob. Bob ran Bob. Bob. Great traffic. Yeah. Barbara from San Francisco, hopefully knows the northern California Honda dealers. Call the game. Good morning, Barbara hope do what was it? Yeah. Hi, it was Aramis Garcia's home run. I think it was four of gaining. Okay. Let's listen to bitch is hit the left centerfield and pretty well. Hit holiday chasing. After in this one. He is gone. He's done it, again, just over the left field wall guards doesn't even know it. And now he starts to run again. He stopped around second. He's got a second major league home run. And the giants are head three two to four hundred twenty three foot or two. And that is the giants. Call of the game give it up for Barbara. And San Francisco he wasn't playing games hundred Mincy came in strong, courtesy of your northern California Honda dealers. And I got good news for you. Well, actually, it's not bad news. If you want to win one hundred dollars, but the good news is there's no giant's game tonight. So we will not do it tomorrow. So this is like unimpeded football attention spans tonight. Nobody's going to have a destroyed. Well, I don't even know if the green and gold going I'm not gonna I'm not even gonna spend time looking. By the way, the schedule gets considerably easier. They gotta go play Tampa Bay member next week. That's going to be an interesting seriously that will be in Tampa other than that listen to this for the for the as Texas here for the next three. Yeah. Please. Rangers are barely stand. And then they go to Baltimore to play the worst team probably in the history of baseball, by the way. Do people Orioles? I'm just saying keep an eye on the box scores. Look at the Orioles attendance. It's downright depressing. It really hits a great baseball town. And you hate to see even in a state like that where they're drawing Murph seven thousand. I mean that that's brutal dude their forty one in ninety nine. So the as tonight, I mean, hundreds is coming tonight. Congratulations to go. And then the as go to Tampa Bay that will be hard. But then other than that, then it's a homestand against the angels in the twins, which totally doable. And then they finish up the final week at Seattle and at the angel. So the question is can they catch the Astros because you know, as it is. The wildcard is an incredible achievement for these guys. Nobody saw that coming. But it is. It's such a crapshoot. It's just one one and done man, you can have one bad at bat one bad inning. And all that. But can they catch the Astros their four games in the loss column behind the Houston Astros? And dude look at the Astros GAM rolling out. Another do your boy bregman is going bananas bananas spider. We have spider Leland in for Adam Copeland news off the next couple of days. Are you checking out this bregman situation? I really wasn't aware of him of how good he was until the World Series last year where he just showed out made a bunch of really good defensive plays. That Astros team. Just the amount of talent on it between Springer and Korea now today and now you throw bregman in there. It's amazing that the as are as close as they are really doubt. You guys want to fall in love with them even more. I mean, I know as fans probably, but did you see they decided to do a little team bonding thing in honor of the NFL starting done it. They all chose NFL jerseys to wear on their trip to Washington have taken on the nationals. And you know, he picked Dante Pettis bregman is going to be wearing the Dante Pettis jersey a little tribute not just to the rookie Nana receiver to his old, man. Gerry? Who's the Astra's third base? Yeah. Right. Right. So bregman, and did you see this thing about him pulling off the James harden where he stares at the the interviewer and walks off last night now. No, he was trying to be funny. He put his hat up high. And she asked him about the nationals gives us he gave a long stare and he walked away like trying to be funny. Right. Right. Right. I don't find James harden. I wouldn't face any comedic venture on something hardens done is at the heart and move. There's a very famous gif of hardened kind of rolling his eyes. I see this way. No, I have not seen the Alex bregman thing. But I have seen the the hardest thing. I don't even need to see what he's doing to know what they're all there. Are all jacked up on hijinks down there in Houston? They're all doing the stair in the walk. I dunno Murphy. I I could take you to leave it to be honest. You talking about my Astros. Now, I am talking about your stroz, by the way, that's the team. I actually like I like watching this stroz. Well, I gotta tell you. You know, we talk Younis and how it was actually the forty Niners in the traditional red stroz. I think that returned to the blue and orange look man fantastic. It's good. Look, I think I might go ahead and say, it's the number one union baseball. He said he didn't like the JR, Richard look. Those drives through nostalgia. A while for throwback weekend. But it's not something. I'd wanna wear eighty two times Eighty-one times best union baseball spider. You're probably not going to like my answer the Oakland A's. Whoa. White. The giants hat on his head. Here's the problem is they don't wear those anywhere near consistently enough now too much. That's right, Murph. Here's where here's where any honest. Yeah. I'm going to say the inexperience of a spider. I thought you were going to say something which is pretty undeniable, which is well, Los Angeles. It's a pretty good. It's tough to tonight. Yes, it is. But I'm going to quote, my great Alan Malam to give you kids a history lesson. There was a legendary sportswriter in Latium, Allan malamud. He was a heavyset, man. Polly with a strange hair, it strange, like everything, you're saying heavyset, strange hair. Good. He had the alopicia. So he had like the no eyebrow say that's nobody's fault. What are you going to do you can do drama at the with the marker one of the most legendary sportswriter danley you could drama with the Mark? He's legendary sports writer because he knew everybody the mud you had to read Alan mala mode. Is you know, and he did notes he he's the original three dot lounge guy. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It was called notes on a scorecard. Okay. In dot dot dot talk to Bruce Jenkins. He'll tell you. He's he's just he's the bay area's Allen Melamed. Polly give you a little alma trivia. He was the heavyset. Reporter who interviews Robert de Niro's raging bull. Jake lamotta poolside late in the move. How great okay. But anyway. Here's the point. Gotcha. When I was in LA when I was at UCLA need read the mud every opening day. He'd say it's opening day. And that means the Saint Louis cardinals again unanimously win best uniforms and major league baseball. Yeah. You know, ever since I read that from the mud at the diner in Santa Monica brilliant, red with the bright. Yeah. It's a good Lord on either end stuff. It's tough back because that's basically the look they've had all the way through one of those teams. They don't mess around with these kind of upgrades and changes and alternate Younis. I urge everyone to go. The cardinals with the bird on either end of the best shout out to Necas, dad. He's a cardinal fan too. By the way, there's droppings on the bat. You know what? I mean. That'd be a nice touch kind of update that look a little bit. These birds that are coming out to our deck, and they found this little spot on it like it, then you very territorial after are. They reading the sports page when they sit on your deck pretty much Iraq. Okay. Lot to catch up on the phones are open for the nine o'clock hour we've talked about the Niners and the Vikings eight eight kmby is a phone number. Are you feeling like they have to win this game to get going? Or are you actually already bargaining like me in your head? That'll a loss is okay. But I don't want to put that in the universe. Not really thinking about what? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'm not going.

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