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The only hexagonal jet stream on the giant planets the south pole of saturn doesn't have one jupiter doesn't have any hexagon self what's keeping this xe and i would add uh with respect to the atmosphere saturn there are things that cassini can't measure noble gases for example that they're not very sexy but they're really crucial in terms of understanding the formation of saturn if we want to measure those will actually have to go back and send a probe deep into the atmosphere of saturn ma much like the galileo probe at jupiter this is science friday from pure i public radio international talking about the final days of cassini something that we don't talk much about but is like many of nasser's planetary missions cassini went way above and beyond the two ridge no mission goals didn't it it certainly did yes yes we had a fouryear prime mission with goals basically what we didn't find out from voyager we were going to do with cassini and we went so much farther than anyone i think could ever have dreamed or imagined in exploring the saturn system yes scientists itchy chief we have this little kind it secret tally that we keep we have this factor that says how much better his knee that team in the really say how much better are the engineers then they really say about halt how long the mission is going to last so we all kind of you know that the nap teams about each times is better is he really say and i think with the engineers and how long the mission last it's at least three times as long it's not only cassini britain's march science lab in the all the martian missions and with the scientist we secretly have arms it'll keep tabs on that no and and people don't realize today how much of an internal astronauts venture it was absolutely i think that's of the strengths of cassini all of these scientists that have come together isa built pro we've had uh collaborations also at the italian space agency providing scientists and parts of the instruments on the spacecraft i think that's really a strength and some thing hopefully.

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