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I mean i would a thousand percent do that's what he mentioned that because in my high school uh if you play football you had to do a sport in every other season so and it didn't matter because a a second split yeah so you if you if you were football player my high school that means you had to play a winter sport and yet to play spring sport and because that's how they kept track of your grades and your behaviour because every week you'd have to go round with this product progress report and the teacher would sign you're passing and you have a good attitude lu if you had a bad attitude you had to go see the coach had to go via punished or whatever and if you had bad grades they would be all over you so it so um so we uh when we joined the dive team now has way me in a bunch of my knuckleheads but we refused whereas beat us so we wore jim we were jams who's back when jams winner jan long shorts with flowers and stuff all over you know jammed longshot board short i'm not that it's gorgeous battles goro shorts but they were they were called jams mechanism day like spreads mckenzie they got onto your name they got out of unita clearly for beach and spring break where yet but they're flowery and color anyway and so we would go off because we didn't know any dives guide so but we would do pencils because that was in it is considered one of its dived to go in feet first and so we would add but we are all huge guys.

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