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I've ever wording interest in that game so i felt awful for markeith loyd had i been a neutral observer i would have felt bad for marcus william sympathy would have been my go to um but i had a routing interest in that in my nfl picks in the miami herald i had picked the saints to win it was my big upset of the four games so i was obviously a centimetre from having a nice upset victory uh a bullseye in marcus williams stole it from me so rather than sympathy i would say outrage and anger were my emotions at marcus williams play yeah had no rooting interest in a game and what you have number to interest in the game it's hard not to feel bad for a guy making that kinda put that kind of blunder in front of a national audience and then he got from saints fans and fans of you know if people what money on the game whatever he got crushed on twitter bought he got a lot of support from nfl players and from guys it is a locker room yeah and it's a career defining play he made i mean he's never gonna live down the video of him not making that a gamesaving play and and you wonder how somebody's going to react to something like that you know um is are they going to spiral into an abyss from it and hasn't really gonna create a mental problem for them i mean you don't know right you don't know lesson he's a rookie he had a great year um so he has plenty of time to make up for that blunder but until he does and if he never does that will stay with him for the remainder of his life mike you're saying it doesn't even if he makes up fort are you saying that that will still remain with him for the remainder of his life yeah obviously because it will be always held as an example with bill buckner of bill buckner had a walk off home run in the following year's world series everyone will remember that walk off from.

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