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In Seattle for a, while you can't talk about the home shows without talking about the charitable cause behind them The band early on announce. They'd be, donating about a million dollars toward the cause of homelessness and since then a number of corporate and personal restaurant sponsors. Have gotten involved to pledge about another. Ten million to various charities here in Seattle. And King County doing battle against homelessness and Greg I know you and. I have seen the merchandise vendors. Down Safeco field doing land, office business, selling those t shirts and posters that also benefit this cause long lines yesterday the day before. The show, and somebody, told me they were down there Sunday and it was a four and a half hour wait amazing, an over inflated, price for a t shirt for a good cause for a good cause and that big shows tonight thanks Corwin KOMO news time six. Thirty eight the Seattle city council is considering an interesting idea to have employers offer bus passes to their, workers the idea. Is that. The employees would by the, bus pass or the orca card and have the cost. Taken out of their pretext paycheck supporters say this could save minimum wage employee's as Much as two hundred thirty dollars a year the city council could be voting on. That plan as early as next month people. Who live near the scene of a gruesome drunk driving crash that killed three people this week are. Afraid this won't be the last accident at that troublesome intersection komo's Keith Eldridge has more scene was horrific state route seven near ROY three. People in, the dark SUV killed it's shocking and It's Horrible state patrol says the woman driving the silver van blew through the stop sign on eighth. Avenue late yesterday afternoon investigators say she was driving under the influence is one bad decision that leads to three lives gone and a fraction of a. Second the medical examiner says Dong comb key, Fullerton California were. Killed a family of the third passenger hasn't been found yet in the woman's car was a four year. Old, boy we don't yet know his relationship to. Her he's being treated at Mary bridge children's. Hospital it's, heartbreaking, obviously or four or five year old does has no control over that situation. Whatsoever it's shocking but not the night before was a wreck. There State patrol, says, a driver do the same thing and blew through a stop sign hitting a pickup and flipping a. Horse trailer fortunately no one was injured in the horse had, only minor injuries it's crazy somebody. Is it's gonna change our you know there's going, to be another fatality for Carol to trae says she doesn't know what, because there is, already a flashing red light a stop sign and, rumble, strips, to alert the driver that a stop sign is coming call that's komo's Keith Eldridge in ROY KOMO. News time six forty time.

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