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Don't mess with us at night was not. He wanted me to play the role. Rob Schneider is a cabdriver and he wanted to know Santa wanted to know if I could do. A Middle Eastern accent, and I said, no. And so rob Schneider got that role. And you know who's in that moving Emmanuel streaky. Yeah. Yeah. I missed out. So I've been working on my Middle Eastern accent just in case there's a sequel to Zohar. Yes. Were you like hosting sportscenter in Libya? What was your role in a movie? No. Cabdriver. Oh, oh, you're going to be the cat? Yeah, I was going to be cabdriver and I see the movie. And then I see the role that I'm gonna play. I'm sure rob Schneider is not pleased with this that I actually was offered the role. He got it. But yeah, he plays the cabdriver Cassandra go Danny, can you do a Middle Eastern accent? I go, no, it goes. All right. Well, I got a role as a cabdriver. I said, why can play the cabdriver? I can't do a Middle East. He goes, no, you have to have Middle Eastern accent. I say, I can't do it. So I missed out on that. All right. We'll close up shop what we learn what's store tomorrow, and last call for phone calls right after this. Attention jocks have had enough. I'm going to it and I'm the leader this revolution and sticking to sports. So join me a revenge, the jock right here on podcast one, I'll cover broad spectrum of what it means to be creative and that this and just the godly front to change the world down.

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