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And he was mentally was totally drained. Totally Mentally Tired for my car game played a terrible game. I played a great game and not beating. Curry's six love six love and I just wonder though you have dreamed about this moment. You're going into the final at running so many plays have tried and failed since and I wonder how you felt the day the night before. You stepped out there against Mitzvah lender when I was We don't we wear. I was thinking my Country House with my dad. You know we didn't want to have anybody else in the house. I was staying with my died for the whole tournament so it would be quiet and and we went back home. We had an early diener and you know I was really relaxed. I was I was looking for for the game. Played a couple of weeks before three weeks point. Amberg and I between so I was very confident I used to love to climate and and I went to sleep and And for the first time and it was the last time I dreamt about the whole match I dreamt the whole match. I said Dilu- second-set that win third set win for said I lose V set starts and I lose the game and lost it and I'm like totally destroyed. I remember crying I remember. It was like so clearly. See this dream she. No I hear a sound and and it's my dad. You know Cheeses and and I was in bed. I just lost the game. You I felt like I was Monday was again and.

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