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Twitter at Forever underscore lane today. We're going to talk a little bit about Kyle kuzma's new deal with the Lakers will talk about tht Dynamite. The guy Lakers fans are buzzing about and Kathy Lakers keep him long-term. What's his situation looked like plus the Milwaukee Bucks get slapped on the wrist for their the bojan bogdanovic mess. We'll talk about that and a new deal for Rudy. Gobert Joni me and is always on the front office show. We've got Keith Smith. You can find him on Twitter at Kate Smith NBA. You can also find his work on realgm Yahoo. Celticsblog basically everywhere Kate. How are you doing man song? And we are going to be plagued by technical difficulties today. There's something was caused by me and I didn't have my mic off me. I am doing well man. It's almost Christmas here, which means it's seasonal is just tomorrow. If you know, we're we're recording this on Monday. We got a tip-off tomorrow bring night for your Lakers one long. Have you lived that title before waging a title Defence? So that's right. Yeah. I yeah, I can't wait. I'm excited, you know, and we're wrapping up transaction season 4 for the time being right? Well, well we'll get back into that around the trade deadline which has now been set for March 25th. Officially. We we know, so yeah, but we got we got some transactional stuff to talk about with your team. Yeah for sure. Let's start off with the Kyle kuzma deal three years forty million extension extension on his contract. And how long does have a player option in that final year? I know I was perfectly fine with it. I felt like this was about market rate at least close enough to where it's not anything to fret over. What was your Take On Me? So Keith from an outside Lakers perspective. Yeah. I thought he might get a little bit more than this. I thought he might get something starting around 15 million and if had he got down to two free agency instead of the Lakers getting this done now, I think what the Lakers are rightly read the room as is that are going to be a lot of teenagers with cap space and because of all these suggestions, there's just not a lot of guys to spend it on. So I think what the Lakers were looking at here was if we can get him locked up on something that's a little more team-friendly. Let's get that done because there's eighteen could a force them into either losing him entirely or matching an offer sheet that just wasn't as comfortable because we are very rapidly going to see there's going to be more money available than quality players to spend it on in a young age. He's not really young anymore. But youngish scoring forward who can score inside and outside..

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