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Smoothie Cafe wants you to step up to the plate and try a noon That's very cross smoothie. A delicious blend of strawberries and cranberries go for two and parent with any of their fan favorite wraps, flatbreads or sandwiches. It's sure to be a grand slam with 60 Washington D C area locations. It's never been easier to ride the summer wave of flavor. Order ahead online for carry out or try curbside pickup or delivery at participating locations. Tropical Smoothie Cafe official smoothie of the Washington Nationals. Hey, Capital. One card holders wanted doing Keith Urban for the ultimate jam Enter to win to be featured playing guitar alongside Keith during this I Heart Radio Music Festival set and hear from him during a virtual discussion Now through August 16th record a video of you playing the guitar to his song Superman Goto I Heart radio dot com slash ultimate damn end of the 1st 6 digits of your Capital one card and upload your video to enter. That's I heart radio dot com slash ultimate jam for official rules. Audible can help you get more out of your summer. You can listen while you're grilling or exercising or just relaxing. It's easy to find inspiration, entertainment and titles. They can just help you wind down. Audible selection is unbeatable, and it includes exclusive content like the sleep collection guide, a wellness programs and a whole bunch more to whether you want to take a mental vacation or meet a new challenge. Audible has you covered my books are upon audible to get your first audio book free with a 30 day trial at audible dot com slash bobby Bones. Green. Brooke TMS, the nation's leading TMS therapy provider, gives patients a safe and effective treatment for depression covered by most insurance schedule. A free consultation for you or a loved one at green Brooke tms dot com Green Brooke TMS. We're here to help Superstar.

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