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It would either be at large, or group of five kind of slot. That's one possibility down the road. We haven't talked about it a lot because No in deference to the C. API. It's sort of been on the back burner, but it's really come to the fore Now, Tiki. I mean, how do you? How do you justify what's happened this year? When you see all these scenes jumping ahead of a team like Cincinnati so that they clearly Don't have a legitimate shot at the playoffs, even though they're in excellent team, and you know, because they have G five in front of their names, and the largest part of it is one thing to you know, he really think about the methodology of the committee and What? I don't understand by the woman. Excuse me. I don't understand. By the way, I mean, I get it. They have their methods, but the rest is it seemed to be flawed. Well, Yeah, Cheeky, I think has become a beauty contest. You know, it should be decided on the field. You know, Bill Parcells said, And I think he was actually right. You are what your record says you are. If you lose games, you know you can't you simply well, we think they're better, but they lost the game. By that token, the United States, uh, hockey team in 19. Excuse me in 1980. What would have would have come in second in the because they have said Well, even though they beat the Soviets, the Soviets were a stronger team, and they had more convincing wins earlier, and they had beaten the Americans and Madison Square Garden the week before. And and so the fact that you had the biggest upset of you know the century, uh, that the committee could have said. Well, we just don't think there is good even though they want because Louisiana beat you know Iowa State at Iowa State by 17 points, and they have a 91 record. But there and Iowa State has two losses, and it's not as though and nothing against the big 12. But you know, they didn't have a stellar season. They lost those three games right away to the Sun Belt. Oklahoma lost to Kansas State. I would submit Tiki that if Cincinnati lost to Kansas State this year, they have a tough time being in the top 20, and that's just the way you know. G five teams were treated, and so let's let's not make it a beauty contest. Let's actually see it determined on the field because otherwise why play the games? Why you bothering to play the games? If somebody does You know, creating upset or wins a game that maybe you know the other team. You know, the Tweedy didn't think they would win. Given credit for that. Don't just say well, they're really not as good as the team they beat. Or they're not as good as you know this other team that's lost two or three games. When Flora had the game against Ellis, you're completely depleted Team with a brand new quarterback. When they lost that game, and then you know, only dropped a wrong and stayed ahead of Cincinnati. That was another telling feature, and then the committee will say, Well, we just think they're better, but you have to play have to do it on the field in the area, and Max Johnson is a freshman started that game with relish you and b e. P. Florida. It made no sense. Mike Aresco, the commission of that Casey is joining us here on Dickie Attorney You know, you mentioned a couple of times how you view the A C as a power six squad. There has been some reports, whether true or not, I don't know that Boise State might be looking to join the A. C from mountain from the Mountain West one. Can you comment on that and two If that should happen, because boys he has has pulled themselves into this conversation is one of the elite, you know, college football teams in the country, year over year. Does that help you with your argument to be a P six? You know, cheeky. I really can't comment on it because we just never talked about expansion and you get yourself in all sorts of trouble. You know when you do, Um, we've said down the road that we would certainly look at 12 team, but you know, there's nothing going on now and Down the road. Who knows now in terms of Boise and other programs, BYU There took tremendous programs you let's face it, they just are And you know there are others programs out out there. They're terrific, too. In our case, though, when you look at it, our teams and you look at the strength of the teams. You look at me at last year s M U beat TCU Last year, Kansas State beat Oklahoma but the Navy beat Kansas State and that's pretty typical for us. We typically have those kinds of winds. You know, you see, have one supposed to beat Baylor back in 2000. You know, the 14 2014 New Year's Day Fiesta Bowl and they scored 52 points and Blake Bortles was top draft pick. And you know we weren't supposed to beat a 3rd 9th ranked Florida state in 2015 when when Houston beat him by two touchdowns. We weren't supposed to beat Auburn. When you see a beat Auburn and we played competitively in the game and the future couple of games we've lost. No taking another telling things to about this conference. It's developing more, and that's where we have more and more opt out. Then Collins I've heard. I don't know if it's true may opt out of the bowl game against Mississippi State because E think that came over the wire, But we've got more and more players now who are NFL quality who were either coached up? Who or we're getting 34. Even occasional five star like head Oliver. And what happens is, you know we it hurts us in the middle level Bowl games because you know players opt out. But it just shows you how strong the league is. And I don't think people realize this but in 2015 when Temple played Houston in the championship game, and by the way, Memphis was team that year that beaten Mississippi after they had beaten Alabama. They were tremendous team. They're undefeated, good part of the year. So what maybe was a terrific team that year, Cincinnati was But those two teams 27 players on that field have played in the NFL or are still in the NFL. That includes, you know Tyler Matic, a vaginitis, Kasan, Reddick's and Temple and You know, obviously great reward and all the great players from Houston landed Roberts and William Jackson. These were great teams, and you see it when they played Memphis 17 players on that field, including a magic quarterback Mackenzie Milton, who you don't know what's gonna happen with.

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